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The reviews taking place is quite negative but that usually happens because of Imtiaz ali cinema ,they are quite boring for major section of audience,i need honest response because i am imtiaz ali fan as well and his films are not everyone's cup of tea, if movie is boring i can understand but if it is worst then SRK need to sit at home and stop making movies because he is taking his fan following for granted now. He have. Totally changed his mind set as a businessman after mnik and his production house is responsible for it.if movie is that bad seriously dont want to support his movies anymore, a guy who made movies like cdi , swades, devdas,khnh, paheli,mnik rnbj is makimmg some craps like hny,dilwale , i thought. Raees might change his mindset and would focus more on content driven movies rather then some craps anyways honest suggestion should i watch it as i am imtiaz ali fan as well ot not
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Seeing the reviews, watch kal ho naa ho or VZ at home. Your image of your favourite superstar will stay intact, because this SRK is nothing like that one.

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Dont go and get disappoint. Leave it....

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I suggest you to watch. Movie isn't that good for sure. Even I( lover of a rom com) get disappointed cos my expectation was sky high. If I compare it to JTHJ it is way better. I liked certain parts of the movie. It is not that bad as the people in the forum are reviewing it. Yes, it's not made what it was meant to made. For Indian audience the movie should be explicit and have to answer all the issues raised inside it but this movie does not do so. Almost every movie of Imtiaz Ali don't do so.

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Its a good feel good movie.. You should watch it once, just dont go with negative mindset.

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