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I have seen 3 videos of public  reaction.. They are positive this wasn't case for tubelight and jaga jasoos.. Why all that negativity..  Why everyone was expecting another DDLJ
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It's clear that audience is loving this movie while critics are thrashing it.

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Yes I have seen it too..
As I posted in the review, I am copying it here.
I liked the movie...Dont want to review after seeing all the reviews here. People will call me biased, but yes I liked it. ... If you are expecting a simple rom com this will give youthat ...Go expecting a superb movie and something you have never seen before , then its not for you... Its by far most simple movie of Imtiaz, the story is predictable and maybe slow (coz I did not find it slow, I was enjoyingthe moments).. Its a good movie, I hope neutrals like it. Srk fans are not going to like itmuch as they always expect too much from Srk movies even after knowing his current track. Haters will keep finding one flaw after another.. As a neutral audience I feel big city multiplex audience will like it. No ratings, just watch it with open heart.

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I havent seen it will watch tonight

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Bhaiya Agar DDLJ 23 saal Se chal rahi hai to
DDLJ2 kya 23 din bhi nahi chalegi

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I am saying over expect kr rae they log

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At the end it's audience response which matter so I guess we need to wait atleast for 1 day.

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Don't go fade away by seeing those so called public reviews videos. There is something called PR.... 2-4 videos bhi naa bana sake toh kaisa PR kaheka PR???

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)

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