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1.Don't plagarize the content of your review.

2.It's not necessary to post a long review. Short ones are welcome as well.

3.Rate the film(preferably out of 10)

4.Try keeping the review spoiler proof. If your review contains any spoiler, please warn regarding that in the start of the review.

5.Entries violating the above rule will be trimmed or hidden, depending on case. Try mentioning the day and time, when you watched the film. If possible mention the occupancy of hall also.

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Still waiting for TheRock to show up on here. Come on Rocky we want to smelllllllllll what The Rock is cooking.


Okay I did review it. It took lots of courage though.

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I liked the movie...Dont want to review after seeing all the reviews here. People will call me biased, but yes I liked it.... If you are expecting a simple rom com this will give you that ...Go expecting a superb movie and something you have never seen before , then its not for you... Its by far most simple movie of Imtiaz, the story is predictable and maybe slow (coz I did not find it slow, I was enjoying the moments).. Its a good movie, I hope neutrals like it. Srk fans are not going to like it much as they always expect too much from Srk movies even after knowing his current track. Haters will keep finding one flaw after another.. As a neutral audience I feel big city multiplex audience will like it. No ratings, just watch it with open heart.

by Super-star (169k points)
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@shajandeepu give that answer in my post. not here because its only for forum members


@shajandeepu I was just kidding bro.. Nothing against you.. As both Ankit and you posted your friends reviews so I was trying to be sarcastic...Sorry for failing so badly.


That's okay. Cool bro


Criminal, finally i also watched it and I kind of liked it. One time watch. 2.75/5 from me. Plot was stupid, treatement of the film was not a regular hindi film type.

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Simply the worst movie i have seen this year ...... i mean people were walking out of cinema .... there's no heart no soul in this snoozefest .It was disgusting and a waste of time. It was one of those movies you walk away saying, I hope my younger don't have to watch this...

This movie deserves to burn in hell. I hope that the characters in this movie get beaten to death. This movie deserves nobody's time.

SRK was on weed while accepting the script , and kiss between srk and anushka was horrible .

It's worse than Tubelight

It's a completely honest review .

I'm going with 1/5 ( 1 only for music and cinematography) rest 0

Morning show - 10AM PVR sangam

Occupancy - 25%

by Director (121k points)
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Sidhe shabdon me samjhayenge bhai saab..!!


@puneeth welcome back bro ...
but plz do give a detailed review without any bias & give your ratings too ...


@Puneet JHMS morning show at Sangam was at 9AM, not 10.

Agar movie shuru hoke 1 ghanta late jaoge tho samaj kaise ayega kuch? Not saying the movie is good, I havent watched it yet.

At least dont post fake reviews. lol


yup 100% my fuckup ..... "typo" 9 am tha

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I will say that I was not expecting much from this film after all the stupid promos and trails. Imtiaz is one of my fav director, SRK is my fav bollywood actor and ironically to this i was still not expecting much. But this movie again proved me wrong.

Plot- Wait there's no plot. Trust me there's no plot.

Direction - Wait it was an imtiaz film right? forget about it..

performance - If there was not different accent from anushka this film would have been unbearable. Thanks for the accent and hai ne hai ne... and respected SRK you already did same thing in some of your dozen films. Why again @52?

MUSIC - Always felt like imti is good with music, jhms had good music too but the time song pops out you'll ask yourself was it needed??

Positives - 1)) Movie Ended

Wait can't we just skip to negatives?

Negetives - 1) Movie Started

Wait why am i even reviewing this??

I can't believe from where SRK gets guts to promote such movies vigorously? And where was his mind while selecting the script?

Final words to keep the review short

The movie has nothin to show, it was so slow that if any other actor would have been there i would have left the audi 30 mins into the film. Imtiaz completely messed it up. . unnecessary punjab connection and wait there was no Climax.. You'll keep hoping that something will happen but no movies ends in the most predictable way..
Mr Nolan was right - Survival is the victory.. Audience survived!

No ratings.. - "0/0 star. I'll forget this ever happened!

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)

Man this is surprising this kind of review
Coming from a SRK fan
Is it that bad


not only an SRK fan but imtiaz fan too..

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No review.... dont expect anything... just watch it for SRK only.
It's SRK movie.
Rating 1.5/5.
Gallerina Tinsukia Morning show 10.30am occupant 5-10 %.

by Editor (84.9k points)

Such low occupancy in Assam! That's really shocking!


Yeah.... I entered exactly at 10.30 but no one was there. But later within some people came in. It's below 10% ... that Multiplex.


Assam never disappoint big stars films... at least in the weekend. That's why I'm shocked!

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Watched JHMS's Morning show in Rajhans Cinema, Vadodara.
-Slow & Boaring Movie. Anushka sharma steal the show even in this Boaring movie.
- Rating : 4/10
- Occupancy : <25%

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
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Rating: 1.75/5

An incredibly boring movie that has absolutely no story, no point, and no meaning.

The movie has edges around it that hint at a possibly good story, but it feels like an odd 15 minutes of that story were taken and stretched to 2.5 hrs. Basically the whole movie is about when the two will profess their love to each other.

Acting wise the movie is strictly average. SRK is OK in the role, doesn't really have much scope. Anushka has some scope, and she does her best, but the character is poorly written. No other notable people in the movie.

Character wise, Harry is only somewhat well defined, Sejal is a total mess. Could not understand what she was trying to do the entire movie.

Locations and music are good.

End result: Imtiaz should take a few years off, he literally makes the same story over and over again, has no new ideas. SRK should understand that he will be done before 2020 if he continues​ this sh*t. Anushka is caught in between. No hopes from Dwarf.

Very vert disappointed.

by Editor (82.0k points)

Time: 8:30 pm

Occupancy: 100%

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Location : SRS Cinema Patiala
Showtime : 10:15 A.M.
Occupancy : 60% Plus (Now when I saw this it was pleasant as there isn't much rush on FDFS unless you are Baahubali or a Punjabi film)

Jab Harry Met Sejal isn't a film at first place. It's cheap Europe tour. I wish SRK had released this film in VR format. As I said it doesn't have anything of film, script, screenplay or direction. Even if you don't have these 3 atleast put some sense in film. There is absolutely no point in whatever anyone do in the film. Let me put you through story of film. Ok leave it.
If I was at RCE, one thing I would have done was call back all the prints across globe and burn them because this film might not be that big disaster or even may be but note that, more people watch it more damage to everyone involved it will do.
I always thought leaving theatre in between is myth or atleast I won't do. Yeah I didn't do but that's for SRK.
Ok I have a task, watch this film and note the time you survived it or till you want to leave Audi.
Rating : 0/10

by Super-star (194k points)

Lol I got that idea of walking out for like 3-4 times but was controlling for SRK...

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  • Civil Mall Kathmandu
  • Show:2:15
  • occupancy: 100%
    ## Not so Romantic Romance ##
    I am fond of romantic movies but the movie needs to be more explicit in romance. I am disappointed with some implicit ideas and some juxtaposed scenes of comedy and emotions though there are some natural comic scenes and emotional scenes too. The movie lacks philosophy which every love story should contain. If you don't have philosophy you never can make romance appealing. "What you are seeking is seeking you" The tag line and Imtiaz's way of narrating story had given me goosebumps but to be clear and objective Harry was not seeking Sejal. He seems to chasing his dream when the movie begins with the song 'safar'. 'Was his dream is to marry a girl?' A big question raised inside me. The screen play and performance of the lead actors are good but the movie itself is meaningless. From the mini- trails and trailer I was assuming it to be a movie on philosophy to guide a tour guide who has forgot his roots and punjabi innocence and Indian essence. The theory of Innocence guiding experience to seek his real treasure i.e. his family, soil and dream would have been treat to watch but all my expectations went in vain. At last I apologise to all my predictions regarding its boxoffice and theme. I am extremely proven wrong.
by Casting Director (18.2k points)

@sunil there is nothing wrong you did which needs an apology as its common for fans to expect a good film from their star as well as predict it to do good business ....
Infact you are one of the most sensible user of this forum ..
have a great time here ....

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Harry met sejal is worst SRK movie since I don't know when. Since 2004 his every movie is better than JHMS. I am a big SRK fan and hence I won't say much but only thing is I am disappointed. Really disappointed. SRK what have u done. What have u become. Such bad movie. How can u make. Imtiaz u r biggest culprit here. What were u trying to do in the movie. Pritam tried a bit with songs but there placement was so bad except hawaayein which was the only good scene of the movie. SRK please do better movies. U r not this low level. Even a JTHJ was decent. Do something before audience give up on u.
Rating - 0.5/5. Just for decent songs.

by Assistant Director (46.4k points)
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Jab Harry met Sejal - What you eat is what comes out as shit

Not so recently we saw a love story unlike any other in the movie named Twilight. A girl who is in love with a vampire which fights warewolfs...yes that movie was plain horrible thing that happened in cinema but somehow as that horror was not enough, our Indian director named Imtiaz Ali has successfully replicated that horror and I would boldly say that he not only replicated but he goes two steps beyond in replicating that kind of horror and he did it without having the need to add ware wolfs or vampires. Yes, he simply did with humans, only two humans.

Jab harry met sejal is a story of two humans arguing relentlessly, one of them being male of the species and other one is female of the species. They continue to argue over a lost ring, female human wants to find engagement ring forcing male human to help her in that quest. They argue, cry, sing shit songs till 2 hours and 19 minutes and decides to get married to show mercy upon the audience in the cinema hall.

Yes, director thinks this is the love story and the same director is in illusion that he makes some unique love stories. Someone please make him come to sense about how horrible he is when it comes to love stories. Script and direction is so pathetic that I remember exatly at 12 minutes and 44 seconds into the movie, and some veins in my head decides to torn apart layer of skin in my head and venture out side to poke very hard in my eyes that why have I made them see such horrendious movie at the first place.

Movie has nothing to offer. Dialogues are so silly that nothing makes sense. Even the chemistry between the lead characters sucks to the level that makes you wonder about your past bad deeds and you feel that this must be the curse that you have to see this and lord planet shani is punishing you for your past bad deeds and making you see this movie.

Two characters start silly arguing over silly matter of finding ring that you cant even enjoy scenic beauty of europe. They meet silly gangsters and threaten them to reveal their illigal immigrant status to authorities. They walk in slow motion with punjabi song in the background. They sing songs to irritate you. They cry etc.....

And at one stage, when you find out the female human found the ring, and the wind of happiness runs througout your body and you feel that now it will end quickly but no my friend....This female human is so mercy less that she hides the ring so that it can TORTURE you for 30 minutes more.

Shah rukh khan has no idea what he is doing and so he delivers confusing performance. Anuskha sharma tries too hard but looses her accent in many scenes. Both lead have performed so badly and nothing works in the movie. Not a single song works, Beech beech mein is a good song but ruined completely in the movie with silly visuals. Its disaster completely.

I am going with big 0 out of 5 for this garbage love story.

by Production Accountant (22.9k points)

+1....Have been waiting for your entertaining review and it hasn't disappointed me(rofl)


+1 entertaining & real review.


Finally, THE ROCK has come back to review the biggest piece of trash JHMS.

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My first ever review in this review threads since i joined this forum..!!

Normally i don't give reviews here, infact this is my first review here, because it was such a special occasion..!!

Yes, the occasion js so special that i actually wish that i would had watched an Arjun Kapoor movie instead of an SRK starrer, that's how special this movie is..!!

First of all i want to say - 30 minutes..?? That's how you decide to do a movie or not SRK..??

Secondly it's not a movie, it's a compilation of europe's few scenic locations plus few sex jokes stuffed in it, it's like Imtiaz ali fulfilling his dream of travelling to europe wile also taking few inspiration from another cult classic Befikre.

This movie should've instead been a documentary, a documentary about SRK's character guiding audience to various places in europe and giving info about them, a documentary movie made on this would've been way more entertaining then what we witnessed on screen, at least we would've got some knowledge

What we got instead is that the director took all the fun of travelling to europe and gave nothing in return as audience's view of europe was blocked by 2 characters who audience couldn't care about much because story didn't allowed to, and with songs popping out in middle out of nowhere, it completely ruins the europe journey audience deserved to witness instead of this turd of a movie.

Witness SRK in a new avatar doing all those things you never wanted to see him doing, like kissing girls onscreen on lips actually, trying to harras a girl even if it was for fun, going intimate.

Also witness the excitement of a chase sequence through streets of europes, sewers, and old buildings, feel the thrills of running for catching flight and hanging from boats, and feel the intensity of................... Oh, I've run out of words to write about this..!!

So SRK, please try to do better movies from next time or atleast do movies after reading or listening more then just 30 minutes of story

Imtiaz, buddy, stop making movies if you are so much in love with european and other locales then you have already earned money y making such money, please book a trip to europe and do whatever sightseeing you want to do but please have mercy on innocent audience who spends money on your movies.

At the end I'm just gonna say, this movie should not be called as JAB HARRY MET SEJAL, but this big 2.5 hours bore should be called..!!


by All Time best! (269k points)
+3 votes

Watched it Morning show in Hyderabad Single screen , Occupancy was 45% (Lowest for SRK starrer since CDI in this theater)
Movie was too boring and worst SRK film since long time... I wanted to slap Imtiaz for taking SRK the Superstar and making a film as if he is making with Ranbir. Movie has nothing to offer and is too boring with some laughs here and there.

Movie is limited appeal and targets only to those High end Multiplex . Its not even for normal City audience.
Overall you can easily skip this film.. 0.5/5 . Very disppointed

by Producer (114k points)

Itti kharaab thi bulla ? Kabhi itta kirraak nahi dekha tumhareku! Tumhari jaaint mein nimbu(toivo)


@4_Lee what does Tumhari jaaint mein nimbu means ..


Jaaint(joint) means where our legs meet.. U know nimbu:P . An extra ball to do daring stuff.


That right there was a very honest review. Good man :)

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Awesome... This is what we love SRK for... A lover at 52 is better than entire bollywood actors.... I enjoyed the movie .. SRK was superb... Negativity was that movie was bit lengthy and families may not love it.. Overall 3.5/5.. OVERALL a nice attempt could have been better 3.5/5..urban audience will like it and in long run.... OCCUPANCY housefull

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)
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So the dissappointment No.2 arrives this year after tubelight and these top rated stars Salman and Shahrukh should be told that stop experimenting the things with these new directors. Shahrukh is on the most risky side compare to Salman right now. Actually to be honest my family and relatives liked the movie but what I understand there is age group of above 40 years which will like this kind of movie as they lived in the era where romantic movie with 5-6 songs used to be liked a lot but in today's time and today's generation such thing won't work untill you do something refreshing with grip made script. The problem of SRK is why his past 5 movies hasn't worked in punjab region is that he hasn't made punjab friendly genre movie as they like light hearted good romantic movies or you do something new or outstanding movie and that's the reason why his old movies has done well here if we go by his filmography. Now, he's experimenting things and no doubt his acting was good in last 2 movies which even people forgot that he used to act but what's missing now is good director and good script. If Karan Johar directs JHMS with no doubt I can say that it would be a bigger hit. You are in this business for 25 years and you made some great romantic movies with this director so why try the director who is not good at BO and his reach to the audience is limited to few people.Anyways, this was his last try for romantic movie and from now onwards he can't do this stuff till there is something related to his age. That kiss scene, I can assure you half of the girls in the theatre didn't liked SRK kissing the actress.The girls sitting around me where like 'shit?why did he do that? Oh god no'. He maintained the image and should stick to that only. Such things will only dissappoint his girl fan base. Coming to the movie, Its disappointing to see Imitiaz Ali who's known for the movies like JAB WE MET, SOCHA NA THA,ROCKSTAR etc can make such simple movie that too with duration of 2hr 30min? He just wasted the opportunity that could turn wonders for him and I assure you that no other big actor will work with him now except his weed friend Ranbir who's already low right now. He start doing more audience oriented kind of movies otherwise he will be sitting like Ashutosh Gowariker who doesn't make movies according to the need of the time.Anushka Sharma was irritating. She did better job in ADHM compare to this one. Maybe this time director was not KJO who would made her perform well. Shahrukh Khan was good in his role. Its pitty that in such weak movie he was the only saving grace and this was actually better mature lover act he did compare to JTHJ which I think he did badly. Location and songs were average. I give it 1.5/5. Time for Shahrukh to look deeply for good scripts and directors otherwise be ready to be another Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan. If you want to stick with romantic image then you should try doing action romantic movies with better script as in today's time SS audience won't come to watch you romancing a girl but if you add flavour of action in it, It will surely work. Another image build up of SRK can be like Ajith Kumar. He's also in this industry for 25 years but he's going more strong now because he changed his selection of script with action movies and that worked. Action movies work today big time and that's why Salman was back in top game.

by Production Accountant (25.4k points)

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