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Bahubali - The Conclusion came over three months back and took business to a level which no one thought could happen but since then the Hindi film industry has been in limbo with failure after failure. Tubelight was a jolt to the system and there has not been a recovery with practically every major film going down. The industry likes to put it down to things like that openings are tough and the audience not coming but this is all hogwash as its upto the films to being in the audience. If a Tubelight failed on content then others have not had a look or been presented in a way that the audience will come. Some may have had decent content but if you can't get the enough audience to come to the theatres then content can only take it so far unless of course its a small film. 

This week it is Jab Harry Met Sejal which has Shahrukh Khan and music as the plus factors. The music may not have had a chart buster but its songs are successful. Obviously Shahrukh Khan is going to bring some sort of the audience to the theatres but again Jab Harry Met Sejal is not the killer opening type as the content is not universal. The demographics of its business give it potential to grow over the weekend and when that is there the opening can't be bumper. Its not a five city film but its also not more than a ten city film unless its a huge surprise. The metros are there and it could also have an audience in places like Chandigarh, Baroda, Hyderbad etc but to expect it to work in a Gorakhpur, Ajmer, Jabalpur may be pushing it. Basically its an urban film with the starpower of Shahrukh Khan which can take it a little further.  Hardly any urban crosses 100 crore nett so here a 150 crore nett total would be a good result which may not be a Shahrukh Khan blockbuster but its a big number for this type of film.

The film will release on around 2100 theatres which should take it to around 3200 screens. Raees had opened on 2700 theatres and went to 3400 screens as its multiplexes screens were shared. The advance of Jab Harry Met Sejal opened on Sunday but it was yesterday (Wednesday) that it picked up and that has been seen with the big releases over the last year or so, the advance contribution on Wednesday and Thursday is huge. It will in the evening that it will be known where the film stands against the likes of Tubelight and Raees in terms of advance. 

The biggest negative for Jab Harry Met Sejal is the director Imtiaz Ali who tends to make similar films which are about a journey of two people and tend to be labelled love stories but romance is usually missing or at least the Yash Chopra type which the audience sees as romance and brings the families in hordes. The director had a success in Jab We Met (2007) which found appreciation at some places only and then Love Aaj Kal opened on the super hit music but could not really sustain post the first week. The less said about the others the better. The hope is that when you direct a superstar you get the responsibility of catering to a wider audience which the superstar will bring and you live upto the responsibility, not only for the sake of the film and the fans of the superstar but the industry in general.

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Seeing the trend, I feel the film will open with 19cr, decent numbers, but for it to turn the tide, it needs to have good WOM. TEPK is coming over next week, if content is bad the film will struggle to compete after the first week.

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World's biggest superstar + iconic director + chart buster music and above all World's biggest superstar in his best avatar (i.e romantic)...Bumper opening is almost certain. Get ready to witness box office Hurricane tomorrow.. This anti SRK BOI's commentary doesn't make any sense.

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Boxoffice doesn't matter, because now even haters started to accept that Srk is world's biggest star!

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But BO matters a lot to SRK... Literally he's begging people to watch JHMS... See his Twitter activity.


σf cσurѕє вσхσffícє mαttєrѕ tσ hím, thαt'ѕ híѕ jσв, hє єαrnѕ frσm thαt.. í αm tαlkíng αвσut uѕ..


Then okay (giggle)

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Well, Today I learned that Romance is not universal genre.

DDLJ also had similar story, half time in Europe and other half in Punjab. That time our 100% audience was single screen. If DDLJ was universal at that time how can JHMS is not universal now ?

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That way every movie can said not to be universal.


And how you know that JHMS will be different to DDLJ in terms of narration before the release of films...
If you saying this because of past experience then Nitesh Tiwari backgroup work is even more worse before working with Aamir khan..


We can't say, but it is looking like that in promos..!!


Yes that what i am saying why giving excuses even before the release...
Some time before BOI is only counting pluses for Raula & now with just title change all thing becomes negative.

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Unlikely , unless there is huge surprise.

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Looks like the makers are sure that JHMS will not work in B and C centres. So they not releasing there.
The film is releasing in just 3200 screens means they covered only Metros and A centres.
Good move imo because this one is looks more a urban romantic film like Love Aaj Kal or Cocktail rather then a Desi romantic films like RNBDJ, TWMR, YJHD or JTHJ.
A 20cr opening Day and 65cr weekend will be great for this film.

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Movie need 150 Crore to become highest adjusted nett grosser in Rom-Com Genre

Ddlj was Urban Love Story Genre not Rom Com

So people on this forun don't understand difference between Love Story Genre and Rom Com Genre

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So excuses are ready made for srk by BOI like always when srk gives 20cr opening it is lebelled as excellent while 21cr for Salman is only good opener now imagine on 15cr opening what BOI will call it very good or excellent coz it is 4-5 big cities movie by them which is totally laughable if jhms is 4-5 big cities movie then Tubelight was for only 2 cities movie

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Not sure whether JHMS will able to turn the tide or not but BOI is almost certain to put all the blame on director/genre/actress/august month if the film failed to perform...
Romance is not universal genre
No other film able to cross 100 cr (then what about YJHD , TWMR , BKD)

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All these movies were for masses and liked by them. Which Imtiaz Ali movie was liked by masses?


By your logic no movie (except some grand canvas movie like Baahubali) only deserve to be in Universal genre films , in Bollywood hardly 1-2 cr peoples are regularly movie goers & to attract wider reach you need better content no matter whether its masala , romance or social drama so don't act like a stupid...
Regarding which Imtiaz attract masses before , so before working with Aamir khan , Nitesh movie never attract masses but Dangal work on PAN India basis.


So what? You know it very well Srk is not Aamir Khan. His movies are failing to sustain in long run due to low appropriation even with directors like Rohit Shetty and it is an Imtiaz movie for god sake. Yeah fine then lets see if Secret Superstar can become a blockbuster if the content is all u need


Yeah fine then lets see if Secret Superstar can become a blockbuster if the content is all u need.

Hahahhahahhahaha srkians are so funny they are not sure for hit verdict for their favorite star commercial movie but want blockbuster from Aamir extended role movie.

Thats show the auqat of both actors now you have already accepted so i don't want add more on this..

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