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Feeling really bad...
Abhi tak srk ki movie weekend ke baad -ive wom ke karan flop hoti thi
Is baar to pehle se hi sab gadbad hai...
Man kr rha apna sir kahin de maarun

itni expectations thi is movie se ki srk comeback krega pr lag rha sab bekaar ho gaya ...

What about all of u srkians...
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Chill maro bhai, movie tho release hone de, opening figure aane de, frustration uske baad nikaalo. Abhi se kyu?

PS: Avoid using Hindi in Post title. I have edited it.


Copy that sir...:)

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bas kar pagle rulaye ga kya?

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Watch Dangal and Sleep Well...... Better, Become Aamir Khan Fan.......

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Bhai tu reh le amir fan....
I m happy being srk fan...
Ups n downs aate rehte hain frustration hona alag baat hai pr being a srk fan, kuch alag ho baat hai..

Agar samajh leta to srk ka fan ho jaata


Samajhna bhi nahi hai...
We are more happy being a Aamir fans , because Aamir is not only a better but also a bigger Stan than your favourite Srk...


Secret Superstar will show how it is done!......

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Dont you think you are overreacting? Its the content which matters at the end of the day, not grand trailer and song launches, not international collaborations. Look at aamir khan, the audiences love him because he has a story to tell every single time.

Let us wait till Friday, all will be clear, as fans one should not lose hope till the result comes out.

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Promotions... Songs... Diplo...Nothing the end of the day, CONTENT is everything ... If content is there then nothing can stop JHMS ... Just wait for tomorrow, reviews will come from UAE.
P.S - Don't watch KRK review it'll make you more depressed.

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Its releasing in UAE on 3rd August i.e today as per IST. You can check


Maybe.... But I heard that it won't rls in UAE one day earlier.


Okay.... Got it...

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Jhms will cross tube light and raees sure.....

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Tension wension zindagi hain muskarana -Salman Khan

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It's a request please don't spread negativity and don't get disappoint, atleast let the movie release and then we will talk.

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