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Every single SRKian (on the forum) is blaming marketing/promotion for JHMS' low buzz. Some of them are blaming the title of the film, a few are bashing the songs.
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Koun kambakht prediction ki baat kar raha Hai? Hum toh baat kar rahe hai bas excuses ki... Jo filhal diya jaa raha hai.


ab aapkay dil k andar kya hai woh to nhn jaanta....but probability is that u r calling these genuine apprehensions EXCUSES cz of what SRK fans did to u during Tubelight.....u want to troll SRK fans, n EXCUSES is the right word to use right now


Arre bhai... Apna maksad toh SRKians ko troll karna hi hai bas...Jo Tubelight ke waqt bakwas kiya tha ab interests ke sath wapis karna hai.... warna Srk se kounsa personal enemy hai Mera???


u r on the right track bro(y)

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For those who are saying so I disagree, the marketing was bad early on, but the team has done pretty well in the last 2 weeks or so.

The film needs to have content, a movie like dangal did almost 400cr with zero promotions and grand trailer launch, only because it had engaging story. SRK gave a huge huge disappointment in the form of Raaes earlier this year...............hoping for a good film this time with him and Imtiaz.

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Atleast it won't be something non existing like pre eid lol (giggle) (giggle)

So if JHMS underperforms and Srkians blame something, it will be something that can be seen by everyone like poor marketing stratergy and horrendous title and whoever had ideo of Mini trails :@ :@

It's not like blaming something which can't be seen by people and making own figures like real value, fake value, valuable value, non macho role and niche content, seriously, Tubelight is niche :D :D

And finally............this masterpiece, where it was declared that pre eid is bigger then pre diwali (rofl) (rofl)

by All Time best! (269k points)

Good motive.




(not to start the already ended discussion but sharing my feelings) TB is jst sitting back n relaxing .....lag rha hai Criminal mein TB k rooh agayi hai :D


Mumkin hai...

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If jwm2 is releasing on just 3000 screens then 110cr looking tough ask for srk now let c

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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If JHMS underperforms content is to be blamed...No Srkians saying it will underperform, they are only worrying about the opening.. If content is good even if JHMS takes a 15cr opening its not going to underperform.. of course it will open more than that.

by Super-star (169k points)

Areh twitter pe toh har fanbase ne mazak udayi thi Tubelight ki...


(Twitter pe) JJ ke waqt Ranbir fans ki le chuke hai hum.... Abhi world's biggest superstar ki vaari hai... Deewali pe koi aur hoga.... Chun Chun ke badla liya jayega...


Haan..main toh kehta hoon apni revenge story ka script bana lo..kya pata Raghavan Badlapur2 bana de...


Script ready hai... And kaam bhi full swing me ho raha hai as per the script. (rofl)

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Chalegi to chalegi.... nahi to nahi... Kya excuse dega. Regarding marketing .... mini trails just good but nowhere near SRK film. Within the release of Trailor... hawayein song.... buzz is high.
Parso aane film .... don't waste time.

by Editor (84.9k points)
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Marketing was goo but the problem is appeal/content.

by Assistant Director (42.8k points)
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This is the highest promoted Shahrukh film beating his own Raees and Fan. Shahrukh/Anushka is now appearing in many saas bahu shows to promote this flick

by Producer (107k points)

Cdi was a movie that could pull through good wom, so u mean to say jhms will not have good wom?


How am I suppose to know that? God knows and Srk knows, and even if Srk knows I am not sure ...


If he didn't promote cdi due to good wom then obviously jhms is a bad film so he is going everywhere. It implies that


Maybe, who knows... I stopped trusting Srk movies before I see it...

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