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Bhai is the undisputed no1 here in Assam...Here, Tubelight's buzz was excellent. Tubelight underperformed all over the world. It did very good business here (even though it is mass circuit)... It did much more business than any SRK starrer (including CE) and it is the 7th highest grosser bollywood film overall. JHMS' buzz is nowhere near close to Tubelight's buzz.

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Atleast people were aware of Tubelight though they were not excited to watch it. In case of JHMS is that except avid internet user and television viewers who watch music channels there are hardly people aware of JHMS.
So in comparison Tubelight has better buzz.

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Well to be honest
Tubelight buzz was very low in my area
But for JHMS there is no buzz
Its a massy films dominated area so JHMS has no buzz

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It is hard to say here in Kathmandu. All Khans movie opens minimum 70% occupancy. Tubelight was not a exception neither will be JHMS. Saturday will register almost 95-100% occupancy everywhere. Sunday is the day when buzz and WOM will clearly be visible. Tubelight almost crashed here on Sunday except Two theatres. I don't think JHMS will crash that way but JHMS may get less screens than Tubelight because of 'Prem Geet 2' this Nepali movie is registering 50-60% occupancy in weekdays too. So JHMS may not get some major single screens.

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In Gurgaon, Tubelight had way more buzz, JHMS buzz is bad.

In the UK, amongst family and colleagues, JHMS has solid buzz, no surprises there as SRK is amazingly popular there.

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in my area there is significantly more interest to watch JHMS.

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Hyderabad is always in favour of SRK... A film like FAN opened to 1.51 crore on Opening day despite that genre which is like 10th highest First day despite All India opening was 20th highest.

So now JHMS is more appealling genre so expecting around 1.60/1.70 crore (7th highest).

Regarding Buzz then its Average to Poor, lekin SRK is the hero so it will do huge as the advance is Solid wherever screens are opened for adavance.

Tubelight did 1.05 crore on first day tho it was Pre-Eid. Real value would have been around 1.30crore.. JHMS will aim for 1.6-1.7 cr on First day.

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Tubelight definitely had more buzz... Assam is a mass center, with most of the cities having just single screens. In my town (Jorhat) there is only one multiplex (INOX) and three SS. JHMS will open considerably low in most of the mass circuits and Assam is no exception. I can say all the show in INOX will be housefull over the weekend and single screens will go 70-75% at max.

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