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Read the tweet again... He clearly said "It is extremely encouraging to see this response".... Mene kya galat bola hai fir???


Bhaiyaa copied hai..........

I didn't closed because it was wrong, i closed it because it is duplicate, the post regarding to SRK's tweet is already made

Check the link


Now don't you even know that this is PR work?


Tubelight ke 1st day collections pe 20-25 posts bane the next day ko, abhi bhi bante rehte hai... Fir Srk ke ek tweet pe 2 posts bane toh kya kharabi hai???

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Abey Saturday Sham ko ho gayi thi

Baaki kaafi sunday ko ho gayi

Bhai tum nasha krte ho kya post krne se pehle check tou kr lia kro pehle

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Chalo advance booking has started on Sunday... But ye tweet bhi toh Sunday ka hi hai naa... Advance booking start hota nhi ki Global king gets extreme encouragement seeing the response... Hahahaha.

And more importantly, itna bada star hoke collections, advance booking report tweets karte ho... Kuch toh Sharm karo.

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