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Viacom 18 are the distributors and were generally the small players out of the major studios be it Disney, Eros or Fox but this year they seemed to have upped their level with a huge price paid for Rangoon which has gone wrong and the even a bigger price for Padmavati which will go to around 190 crore including promotion and the release of the film Worldwide. This is when Bajirao Mastani hardly recovered its 145 crore cost if you take the real satellite value and not the paid inflated one which was not justified by the ratings. Then there is this decision to clash with a Shahrukh Khan starrer though the decision could have been made by the other producers of the film. If all goes wrong then it will be no surprise that another studio stops acquiring or goes very slow.

Q. You are reporting on the website that the budget of Kaabil is 89 crore and Jolly LLB 2 is 84 crore but others are claiming just 40-50 crore for both films. There can't be such a gap between real and fake budgets?
A. When films with Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan can be made for 50 crore then everybody will run to this business but sadly we have studios shutting up shop because this is not the case. Its all common sense but sadly film journos don't have it. Actually its degrading the stardom of these actors when there films can be made under 50 crore.
A. Verma
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I heard its around 45 crore Indian price

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It should be free as it's for awareness purpose....

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Rustom was 39cr, and Akshay's perception has gotten better since then, so it'll be at least 40+

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