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Again the story about creating a band in jail so that they can run away.There are similar ones.

by Super-star (189k points)

I had the same feeling, but this looks much better than that yrf film with those bunch of wannabes.

Farhan akhtar is a pretty good actor imo, should nail it.


Which film is that btw?


Lol, no one remembers the name of that yrf film. (rofl)

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Quite impressive.... Looking forward to the film.

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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Good trailer... definitely makes it way on to way watchlist

by Super-star (169k points)
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way better than that yrf one.

by Assistant Director (42.8k points)
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YRFs ‘Qaidi Band’ also seems to have same storyline but the trailer of Lucknow Central seems much better with much better starcast.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)

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