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Damn, He still got it..


Glad u loved it @Suhas.
So its 2 for u.
Still 4 songs Portuguese sad, much hyped phurr, raula nd nuran sisters song. So scenario will get better n better for u.☺


You sure? Nooran sisters have sung one more song other than Butterfly?


Yes, SRK said at one of the song launch, they have sung one more song, will b played in background!

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So after recording a song with international singer/dj.....personality.. And building hype of it through photos, twitter and Snapchat videos, Red Chillies Entertainment finally presents the much hyped song................ Phurr...................Wait a minute..??

Wait ehat..?? This is not that song, there are 9 days to go, when are you going to release a song you hyped so much..??

Can't blame RCE, they are not the most punctual type..!!

Well let's see what they released, I'm going to listen to it after i post this answer..!!

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Beautiful Song

4.5/5 from my side

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Urban shit ha na why changed ur opinion?


Joke tha bhai wo :P


Lol okkkkkkkkkkk.

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And the album keeps getting better and better.This may overtake Safar as my fav song of album.Fantastic song.So beautiful and mesmurizing.Arijit has done great job and SRK is just fab.4/5.

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OMG, that eye work, expression. .Specially 0. 28-0,34....out of the world. King of romance they said. .well said. I loved cute anushka here. ..reminding me my love...attitude are very similar.

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A good song after really long time.

The Best of the Album so far.


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One of the best song this year, arijit just nailed it and srk still looks charming even at 51, on a loop.

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I liked it. Made a stronger impression than Gerua but not as much as Zaalima.


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Its a nice soothing number, will need to listen more to form a firm impression. Good visuals and anushka sharma is.....................................(inlove). Rating- 3/5

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Nice one. Second favourite after Safar. JHMS album is my one of the favourite album.

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Awesome... Its great... SRK playing it's trump cards very well and buzz is going huge day by day.. Its SRK... IT WAS a great idea to launch Beech Beech main early. Coz it hadn't been a Hit like it is if released it in the end.. Phurr to go.. This film has songs for all ages. U HAVE soulful songs like safar and Hawen...Party song with Beech Bech main. Punjabi guys we have Radha for u... I THINK ur guessing where is the song for masses.. Seeti maar songs . SIR there is Butterfly for u and Phurr will also be a treat for u..

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Song is good.. I liked it more in repeat viewing..
They should have released this song instead of Safar.

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What a song.... just superb. Overall very good album #JHMS

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