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I did not know this incident happened.....i was reading something abt the already known thing to me about Imran Khan declaring innings when Miandad was closer to scoring a triple ton.

I think Dravid gave a good message to Pakistani team.....ton or double ton doesn't matter much esp. when u r 15yrs old in the actually sends a message to youngsters that TEAM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CENTURIES
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I am a Dravid fan yet I disagree with his decision. I remember watching that series & going WTF.

It was only 6 runs so Dravid should've given him little more time & moreover if msg was passed on to him then Tendulkar would've scored those runs quickly.

It's good he set an example by choosing team over individual record but in this case it was only 6 runs unlike Javed Miandad being 20 runs behind. You can see the pressure of Ind vs Pak Match having it's impact on Imran Khan. It was the same for Dravid too.

Chalta hai. Despite this, the two legends remained closer & continued contribute to cricket. Ultimately cricket won.


Baadhshah, you said double tons dont matter when you play for the team, I would have supported rahul had sachin been short by 15-20 runs, it was very unfair to deprive sachin just by 6 freaking runs.


Suhas: yup bhai,.....i read what Sachin wrote abt it in his book....both Legends didn't allow this to affect their friendship.....AND, only 6runs remaining does put some doubts abt the decision
Intense: Miandad had problem with his triple tons being stopped by IK, but Imran once himself declared innings when he was at 93........i love this thing of sending a message......but should be communicated properly

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I have mixed feelings about that incident. I feel it was a bit unfair to declare, when a guy is batting on 194, and it does not happen very often. I feel sachin should have been told to go for a big hit, boom or bust.

All in all, I do not doubt dravid's integrity, but to deny a double ton by 6 runs, is unfair for me.

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It was just six runs he shouldn't have declared the innings
Wrong decision as simple as that

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I followed that series and though I never doubt Dravid 's sincerity was disappointed that day. I used to add every run of Sachin in my diary then.

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