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Akshay Kumar’s keenly-awaited ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ has leaked, but fortunately for the film it isn’t yet out on the internet. It was choreographer turned director Remo D’Souza, who reported the leak to the makers of the film.

The filmmaker confirmed that he received a copy of the film on a USB Pen-Drive.

“I met someone who told me that he already has the movie on his pen drive. Initially, I didn’t believe him, but he seemed serious, and told me to check that for myself. When I checked the pen drive, it contained Toilet Ek Prem Katha and I was shocked”

“I first called Akshay (Kumar) sir, but since he was in London, he was unavailable. Then I called up Prerna Arora, the producer, told her about the situation, director Shree Narayan Singh came and collected the pen drive from me. They will be taking legal action against piracy, and I will talk to Akshay sir once he is back”

Akshay Kumar also released a press-statement saying “The fight against piracy is critical and it’s reassuring to see the swift action taken by the Crime Branch on the unfortunate incident involving our film Toilet – Ek Prem Katha. I would like to urge my friends, colleagues, fans and audiences to please say no to piracy. Thank you all for your support”

Prernaa Arora of KriArj Entertainment also released a statement, saying “There have been reports of my film Toilet: Ek Prem Katha having leaked online. I would like to assure my well-wishers and colleagues not to worry as everything’s under control. Someone tried to create mischief, but thanks to the Crime Branch, it’s all under control”

The industry is abuzz with talk of an insider leaking the film.

‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ is scheduled to release in theatres on August 11.

(With inputs from Indian Express)
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DM me the link, Please? (drunk)

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There was no leak online. It is all publicity stunt as buzz around movie was declining. This is done to increase buzz and looks like it is working as all are now taking about this movie on social networking site.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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I don't think it's the movie that has leaked here, after seeing the buzz of Toilet maybe something else has leaked..!! (rofl) (rofl)

I'm not gonna say more cause it'll be again forum guidelines, those who understood, good, those who didn't, that's good too, but I'm not gonna say more :D :D

by All Time best! (269k points)


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No leak has happened
It would be all over Internet with people downloading and sharing
Just a publicity gimmick

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Waah full canadian part time indian kumar, kya ittefaq hai, kya timing hai, maan gye!! Idhar jhms ka trailer release hua aur udhar teri film Partially leak ho gyi, kisi ko mili nhi, par leak zaroor hui :D shukr hai bhagwan ka........ab jaa ke fir krva de srk ke against, usi ne hi leak krvayi hai, darr gya h wo teri film k hype dekh ke.....

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)
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All Marketing Strategy if such thing would happened it would be all over internet no such copy is found , buzz if quite low for Toilet and they are trying hard to somehow gain buzz for the movie, why would a man say he is having movie in pen drive and then he would upload it and still no body could manage to have it such a cheap tactic by Akshay Kumar , he is a 2 face kumar actually , loved Akshay during his comic days but now a days he is doing some deskhbakhti kind of roles to disgrade other khans so that he can say he is a real deshbakht but in real he is a canadian. i wish his film flops big time.

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)

I dont wish anyone's films to flop, like him as an actor but agree with you on tactics........dont like the way he sells his films, he needs to learn some class from the khans.

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Really cheap publicity stunt...... Very disappointed......

by Producer (107k points)
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Akshay, these stunts won't work.

First someone was dragging to makers to court (this person will never be heard from after release), now it is "leaked" but nowhere on the internet.

Just hope that the movie's content is good, it will work without any of this nonsense.

by Editor (82.0k points)
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Brother AK here's an advice if u want the buzz that was a month ago. Change the release date back to 4 August. You have a good excuse too. Movie was leaked so its being released early. It has nothing to do with generating buZz using SRK. What an idea sir g. Such a cheap move akshay kumar

by Assistant Director (43.1k points)
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Agar leak hui hoti tou abhi tak har jagah ye movie aur iske screenshots spread ho jaate har jagah

Pehle se hi bahana ready kr lia

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)

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