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Bahubali - The Conclusion Heads For 100 Days Run boi

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Bahubali - The Conclusion Heads For 100 Days Run
Thursday 20 July 2017 12.00 IST
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Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion (Hindi) is heading towards a 100 day run as it continues to play in many big cities. Its rare for a film to hit 100 days and even if it does it soes somehow get there it is normally just one screen in either Mumbai or Pune. Here with Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion it could be around 10 screens. The twelfth saw the film i around 25 screens. The film only saw a drop in collections withe release of Tubelight. The distributor share of the film in Hindi is 251 crore and across India in all languages it is 625 crore which is 100 crore more than Dangal plus PK plus Bajrangi Bhaijaan.  The weekly figures of Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion (Hindi) till date are as follows.

Week One - 2,46,47,00,000
Week Two  - 1,42,52,00,000
Week Three - 69,43,00,000
Week Four - 29,11,00,000
Week Five - 12,41,00,000
Week Six - 5,38,00,000
Week Seven - 2,46,00,000
Week Eight - 1,44,00,000
Week Nine - 39,00,000
Week Ten - 37,00,000
Week Eleven - 14,50,000
Week Twelve - 8,00,000 expected
Grand Total - 5,10,20,50,000 apprx
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It will take something more extraordinary than extraordinary to beat the records of Baahubali
Jai mahismathi

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Historical blockbuster. And some were saying it will crash on Monday, content not clicking. Pity on them.

by Producer (103k points)
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by Executive Producer (68.1k points)
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Stuff of legends, this film set the tone and benchmark for 2017. What a pity that hg for bollywood is raaes "only" with 128cr, massive gulf. For the sake of bollywood lets all hope JHMS and TZH are huge grossers..............along with G4, J2 and Padmavati.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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great run, and I'm glad I got to see it happening.

by Editor (82.0k points)


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