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Not universal, niche, offbeat, art and blah blah blah.... Abhi se excuse shuru(rofl)(rofl)

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It can. Depends on trailer. Fingers crossed.

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We always cross regarding opening......(rofl)

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I shah tell you Tubelight is not the only Salman movie.

by Producer (114k points)
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@shah isse kehte hain kehke lena ..


Lol.....what kehke lena(giggle) srk gave over 30cr few years back....(giggle) a sick soul agreed to ill soul(rofl)


Salman gave 30cr opener much before srk(giggle)(giggle)

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NOTE TO ALL USERS - Thoughts conveyed here are personal opinions of Sihan own and it has nothing to do with other Srkians..!!

by All Time best! (269k points)

JHMS opening would be between 18-22cr range depending on buzz...


I'm just thinking of how to deal with trolls from Aug 4 onwards..!!


So tb is prepared for the worst. (wasntme)


Im happy others fan base expecting 13-18 cr.....although they trying to troll with happy JHMS will Cross their real expectation.

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JHMS has biggest Star of India when it comes to initial So I won't be surprised if it beats Tubelight easily even with a movie which is only for Multiplexes .it would be targeting 25 Cr Day 1

by Director (121k points)

So you can say "SRKIANS say that SRK always give big openings"

Key word us "BIG" not "EXCELLENT"


For others it would have opened to 15/16 cr ...but since srks name associated to it it will definitely open over 20cr...


Expect less Opening and then say he doesn't disappoint in Opening. When you expect low according to your Star Stardom you are bound to be happy


Put salman in his place u would even expect half.......and when srk came in big day u know what happened. Srk is tested star. He went through every possible worst situation still his brand floating on surface unlike others...slight out of image....flop in

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Wait wait wait, JHMS needs to do 24.1cr on day one to beat Tubelight because Tubelight opening real value is 24cr and it released on pre-eid ~ Salman fans

by Super-star (169k points)

Real value will be done by evening it self.... Cuz tube light real value is 16cr


hahaha in idiots ko fan opening day ka holiday nazar nahe aata time real value bhool jatay hain


Fan ka kiya Holiday?? I dont think that micro holidy helped even 5%. Fan with salman would have been record opener for salman this decade.....below 10cr

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if JHMS crosses tubelight on opening day .... its real value will be 300cr haha

i have made a detailed post on how the 13cr opening of JHMS will be more than baahubali's 125cr opening.

by Super-star (198k points)
0 real value tubelight crossed bb2....with a jhms must(rofl)

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Dangal opened to a 29.19 Cr on day 1 despite of demonatization, no leading actress , unknown director, no masala , no heroism, no television promotion, dubbed version also collect approx 59 lakhs...
And here you are saying as like 22-23 Cr opening will be out of the world..

by Star (156k points)

Highest ATP , Don't worry JHMS ATP will be even higher , JHMS have romance angle to counter patriotism angle , 2 Saal ki publicity weight badha liya , ghana liya , appreciated trailer - who is denying Srk to do that & for your publicity its Srk who always want to remain in limelight...
Curiously among audience, it is more of a disadvantage for Dangal as novelty factor was gone with the Sultan release...
So stop making excuses & not to forget this time even GST (means less tax resulting more Net collection) is also in favour of JHMS ..
Srk returning to his fun loving lover boy images after a long time...


Dangal me novelty nhi thi aur jhms me novelty h?? Lol :D
Love story ke liye kyu weight ghatayega ya badhayega srk??
Jhms ke ticket prices will be less than dangal coz it's a non festive release, not a christmas release.
Everyone knows jhms is for targetted audience, every imtiaz film is like this. On top of that, everything released till now hasn't found appreciation, title, songs, mini trails - nothing has been liked. Whereas dangal was declared a masterpiece 2 months before release, earthy feel of the film gave it a universal appeal unlike jhms which is only for multiplex audience.
And last, it is srk's 2nd film in 6 months while with dangal, aamir was having a release after 2 yrs.......


Lol when I have said that about JHMS novelty don't act like a blind...
Weight increase, decrease not the only thing you can also change your look completely for some refreshment.
Even HNY was also declared as a classic by many critics before the release of film & you Srkians also make a Twitter trend as HNYBESTFILMEVER...
Regarding its a intiaz movie hardly 5-7% of regular movie addict people care about this , for 95% of audience it's a romantic film starring Srk & Anushka...
And at last it's a 2nd film in 6 months - this excuse is reasonable only for Akshay Kumar as he is the only actor who put his stardom on stake atleast 3 or 4 times in a years...
Btw 2013-2017 ,Aamir have 4 films (d3 ,PK ,Dangal & secret superstar-guest appearance) while Srk have 7 movies in same period (CE , HNY , Dilwale, Fan ,Raees ,JHMS & Dear Zindgi - guest appearance)..


Aamir's first release in 2 yrs after pk- Mnik was Shahrukh's first film since Rab ne.

Universally appreciated trailer- For Aamir it's trailer but for Shahrukh Trailer + Top actress+ Good director+ Television promotions

all time highest ticket prices- This i'm hearing for the first time. I'm happy even with high prices people gave money to watch Aamir Khan Film.

19th Dec is not christmas period or around. It's one week prior....

Aamir was bashed for his intolerance comment. Many started Boycott Dangal Campaign

Demonetization never faded until feb in rural places.

In short Aamir is more popular so people are ready to pay high ticket price and also curiosity factor for Aamir is more than Shahrukh.
Good to hear that........

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Half Of Dangal. 15Crore Is The Ceiling. Expect 10Crore Then You'll Get A Chance To Rejoice With 15Crore. LoL!

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)

Okay dangal boy....lets wait

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So u are saying jwm2 will beat Tubelight real value of 25cr on opening day bhai jwm2 will take 18-20cr range opening don't be delusional

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)

Its buzz is so low that u dont even know its name...damn. Its titled jab harry met sejal. And it will beat tubelight real value within evening.... And the grand real value is 16cr..excluding eid shopping advance... Tarabi already stopped that people go out for shopping and have fun with family (theatres)


Hahaha hahaha live in your delusional world what kind of holiday was on Friday for tubelight? How 21cr opening is fixed 16cr as real value ? Delusional mahn these 21cr worth 25cr in real value numbers and jab harry mets another flop will max be 20cr


U stop living in ur real value lala land....20.5cr is 20.5cr. Lets see if jhms can break it or not....

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It will be surprising if JHMS opens in double digits.

by Assistant Director (46.9k points)
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This is the sort of thing that happened in 2014.....hny best film ever. Better to stay quiet and be happy when the film does it in reality. A 25cr figure is on the cards, tubelight is not even the option, SRK breaks his own opening records.

by Mega Star (226k points)

Still happy new year was superhit, not disaster, flop. I made this post because everyone predicting 13,14 cr and trolling with 22,23. So lets see....lets give haters a chance to troll us or trolling themselves. Its a game


Haan Bhaijaan.... Aap jeet gaye... Ab Hume troll karo(rofl)


Yaha kaha tha maine, pehle se mat bolo. The film was doomed right from the day its pathetic poster and title came out.

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Anything above 20cr+ will be very good.... weekend around 70cr.

by Editor (84.9k points)
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when i said jhms won't work.. this guy told he's done with "TYPICAL SRKIANS" referring me..

now who's the typical SRKian? ?

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
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I feel it can beat Tubelight opening without universal appeal

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)
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Target audience film is being promoted so much in television and serials....

by Producer (107k points)

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