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  • deducting 20cr for bigger release size of baahubali (125cr-20cr = 105cr)
  • deducting 40cr for baahubali brand (105cr-40cr = 65cr)
  • deducting 20cr for masala commercial factor (65cr-20cr = 45cr)
  • deducting 15cr for scale (45cr-15cr = 30cr)
  • deducting 20cr for bigger director (30cr-20cr = 10cr)
  • deducting 40cr for more silver color (10cr - 40cr = -30cr)
  • deducting 5cr for more paseena on lead actors throughout the movie ( -35cr)
  • deducting 10cr for more muscle (-45cr )
  • adding 30cr for having no duck lips heroine (-15cr)
  • adding 25cr for the lack of overacting from main lead actors (10cr)
so i think still if JHMS opens to 13cr will be bigger than baahubali's opening. 
anything over 13cr will be historic. 
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Drona,Kidnap,Tubelight! What's common among them?


Nova is hara hoa khilari :D
Raghib: what??


I know this chap since 2013.
Ab sach bol dunga phir Mahabharat ho jayega!

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Have faith in SRK'S stardom. He beat kaabil singlehandedly in Jan. Is baar to solo hai, wo bhi favourite genre mein...............................and not to mention the following he enjoys amongst youth and women....................25cr se kam nahi hoga, 13-14cr type openings are for akshay, hr, ajay etc. SRK ka standard 20cr se upar ka matter what happens.

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Bang bang 24cr on pre diwali clash ke saath. Dont give me the logic that it was 3 years ago, or else i can counter it and tell you SRK has not given a clean hit in the last 3 years.

Why worry sirji? SRK will cross 25cr on 4th August, we will celebrate Mithai taiyaar rakho bas aap. :D


Pre Diwali....... Kitne din pehle..??

22 days..?? Lol


Thunderbird, what did I say? Just said to saransh, mithai ready rakho yaar. 25cr+ is coming on 4th according to karan khan as well. Hum jaison se kya ladna? (wasntme)

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Tubelight to jali nahi, teri jal rahi hai, par isse barbad hue distributors ka kya fayda?? Kangaali door ho jayegi unki?? Fir kyu jala rha h apni??

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it is written in the book of "how to properly pronounce the word KIRAN" ( hahaha ) that 4th august will be known as doomsday for srk fans.


Tubelight release day se bhi bada doomsday ho skta h kya?? Distributors ko 100 cr ka fatka, par bhai ka kya, apna kaam banta, bhaad me jaye janta.....


100cr kya fatka...hahahaha aik shunniya kam hai is main 1000cr hoga. dummy kahin ki

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And Considering Pre Eid,Post Eid,Artistic film,Indie Cinema,Bhai being Non Actor, Bhai's Emotional scenes,Hatred towards Chinese due to border issues, Low Budget,Sohail Khan and many more reasons

Tubelight real value Opening should be 200cr which is more then Baahubali 2 despite only Hindi release.

by Super-star (161k points)

hahaha totally agree....... because thats the star power of salman khan.

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Ole ole ole. Grand nova apne bill se bahar aa gaya. Eid pe disaster ho gaya re bhao. Isse bade achievement kya hoga.

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no munni......which one?? :D


Oh joh uski film main free main thumka lagati thi.


Woh joh uski film main free main thumka lagati thi.


haha....i was confused b/w bhabi or baby

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Thanks For Jinxing JHMS because inside you even know SRK with Non-Holiday, No Heroine , no song can provide 20cr Opening with Fan, So dont worry here Your Jinx will definitely work here as well (rock)

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Tubelight ne phir b 25cr real value opening line harry bhai Saab ka toh diwaliya nikalnay wala jab harry met 18cr opener

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)

ofcourse to whom i am talking i forget that :D


Don't forget now onwards... Whenever you come to argue with me come up with true facts only..... Blah blah blah kaam nhi karega (rofl)


whats that term lundalapadis kind of fan :D


What that term intolerant kind of India(rofl)(rofl)

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Novah......this is ruthless troll...(giggle)

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This is not a Salman Khan movie.Unhone apni aukaad Eid pe dikha Diya tha!!!! Easiest Blockbuster ever mahn!!!!!

by Super-star (189k points)

Eid 2016 pe global king aukaat dikha diya tha... Usko dauda dauda ke bhagaya tha Eid see... Hahaha

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I think it will take good opening

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)

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