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He is a way way better director, do you think he could have handled the emotional and light tone better, without getting preachy? In your opinion, any other writer/director who could have handled this film better than kabir khan?
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Well if he would have written still the script of little boy is weak
So wouldn't have mattered much even hirani directing it but if hirani wrote a story on similar lines of little boy in his own way and directed it it could have been blockbuster
Look pk was similar to OMG in some sense but look at the diff in the buisness both films have done

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Yep, emotions plus a bit of comic angle is hirani's forte, tubelight needed a much better story and direction. The actors did a great job, but the script failed them badly

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rajkumar hirani is a genius .....

he has given blockbusters with new comer (sharman joshi 3idiots),

supporting actors, non stars (aamir khan PK, Sanjay dutt Munna bhai)...

he's yet to cast a real star in his films....i dont know what will be the potential of that movie......

.. he creates each and every scene impactful .... totally different from whats in the script .... like hirani himself says this........the opening scene of 3idiots was just friends getting together ...but he created a scenario where r madhavan's characters fakes heart attack and so on....

tubelight would have been totally different had it been through hirani's pen.

by Super-star (198k points)

Then why are fighting for no reason when you already knew the importance of big grosser (atbb/athg)..
I have already explained in earlier comments that my reply is for Grand nova because of his nonsense they why you are putting your nose in middle..
Better not to talk about Auqat stuff because what we Aamirians have your favourite actor yet to achieve that & what Salman have , Aamir is yet to achieve.
So don't behave like a launda lapanda Tubelight..


Yes I know importance of them and always admit that without any hesitation... But you IntolerantTards always behave like retards and give credit to others for Salman's success, deny the importance all other major BO successes and call them dhoti, langoti and blah blah blah... That's why I'm fighting with you.... Aamir ko praise karna hai beshak karo... But dusro ne jo achieve Kiya hai usko toh deny mat karo yaar!


Lol you are again making a mess , Don't you see it's grand nova who start all these rubbish so Aamirians reply against his answer is totally justified...
We don't have problems with Salman but if someone (doesn't matter whichever fanbase) attack Aamir sir then they will get reply in same language..


The same case here...Irrespective of circumstances I've every right to defend Salman Khan and I'm doing the same.

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Kabir is great director no doubt if he had made Tubelight in a commercial way having light comedy, romance, little bit action and strong emotions but in Tubelight only emotions were overloaded kabir ignored comedy,romance,etc and gave it arty touch which was negative point

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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The main problem was the lead actor who can't carry a film like Tubelight on his shoulders...

by Star (156k points)

"salman gave an excellent performance" You Should Have Stopped It Right There.
The Kindest Words, One Could Use, To Describe His Performance Should Be "Well, He Tried."


Rajat , i wont argue with you since you are incapable of appreciating anything other than aamir movies. Your opinion does not matter, salman gave an excellent performance, backed by a poor story.


You Aint Called Cinema Retard For No Reason.


Mind your tongue rajat from next time.

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Salman will not accept the great Hirani 's brand of film making having repeated dancing cars in his movie.I also like Taare Zameen Par and Lagaan more than PK or 3 Idiots anytime

by Producer (114k points)
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Salman Khan was not the actor for such film.Hrithik would have done a good job

by All Time best! (326k points)
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As Others Have Said, Problem Was With Lead Actor. One Must Know His Limits. Salman Is A Limited Actor, That Too Will Be An Overstatement Though. Other Way To Put The Thing Up Is He Is Likeable With Certain Image, Certain Genre Only. Hirani Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference. But Replacing Lead Actor With Some Proper Actor Would Have Made A Drastic Difference.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)
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......the other dayy.....u were sayingg what bro?? ?..rajkumar hirani is no one widout aamir....n now?? ?.....haHA bahut jald rang badlte ho aap bhaijAAn.....:)

by Unit Manager (34.4k points)

The other day remember your post? Ranbir coming on eid? :)


...that s rumor....that can be changed.....this one s ur opinion....u know what u r called when s it changing all d time.....haHA....:)

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