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No flop in this decade so far and a blockbuster waiting to happen Salman haters ' joys for about 15 days ended in a dismal note. Tubelight unexpectedly underperformed in the box-office and the haters go up quickly to the pedestal to mock Salman fans but their joys will come down equally swiftly too.
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Biggest Strength of Salman is if he gives a Flop and Haters start Trolling him but their mouths are shut after 5-6 months as Salman has a another release which ultimately turns out to be Blockbuster

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If according to you 300 Cr is criteria for success then better shut Up .300 Cr isn't halwa


"after 5-6 months as Salman has a another release which ultimately turns out to be Blockbuster".

"Not this time. Neither TZH will cross 300 cr nett/425 cr gross Nor TZH will get Blockbuster verdict."


250 Cr is a Blockbuster collection


lets see.
and bro, first read carefully then reply.

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You still thing below average is not a flop......:D. I am not a salman hater but the way you people start making useless post it does make me feel post something nasty, ofcourse one flop tubelight wont hurt Salman's overall dominance in this decade, same goes with SRK one flop Fan would even dont bother SRK what he have achieved in all his 25 years. so stop such useless posts. Fan and Tubelight didnt worked and both bombed at boxoffice with the latter was a bigger disappointment due to Eid Festival and its truth .

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)
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Below Average = Flop

Unsuccessful film

2 Below Avg films

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)
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No one gave such colossal disaster like salman

by All Time best! (326k points)
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TZH will not get Blockbuster verdict.

by Assistant Director (42.8k points)
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