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In protest of GST, I've not watched any movie this week. :P
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Just re-watches this week...

  1. Tubelight [2017] = 2nd time with housefull crowd. Got the Eid experience even though it was evident audience were not enjoying. 3rd time with parents & instantly they remarked such serious entertainment-less film is what they never expect from Salman Khan.

  2. Hindi Medium [2017] = again watched it with parents. They liked it.

First Time Watches = None.

Movie(s) of the Week = Both of them.

by All Time best! (302k points)
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Tubelight- Not a bad movie.But Salman shouldn't​ have did it.


by Super-star (161k points)

@Karan bhai even i had the same feeling ...

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I havent watched single film at home. All at theater only.




Duvvada Jagannadham
Ami Tumi


Transformers 5
The Baby Driver.
Movie of the week - Ami Tumi, which i watched 2nd time today and my cheeks were paining due to non stop laughing. Laugh riot movie.

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good suspense keh kr bhi only 3/5 ....i think i gave 3.75/5 even after judging the suspense earlier.......but i remember that the tone of film was excellent


I'm extremely strict most of the times.

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  1. Harry Potter 1 to 7 (7/10)
  2. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 (8/10)
  3. Hacksaw Ridge (8/10)

Movie of the week - Harry Potter series & Hacksaw Ridge.

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Yo mahn ankit007 . And this week I saw salman Khan's tubelight. I was free for a night mahn so I went inspite of it getting bad reviews I watched it so no complaints from my side.. It was not that good.

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Tubelight -3/5
Udaan -4/5

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Tubelight - 1.5/5
Hindi Medium - 3.5/5

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Tubelight 6/10
Biggest disappointment from Salman this decade
I wasn't expecting a BB level film but still it was pretty average with Salman giving and trying his best but somehow this role doesn't belong to him
He doesn't own the character like he owns Chulbul Pandey or even pawan
The theater audience didn't like bcoz the general perception is
That's the sole reason of failure apart from the bad writing

Little boy 7/10
Holded the urge of watching this before tubelight so that tubelight doesn't feel like deja vu
This film itself is pretty ordinary apart from the fact that it is very emotional
The child actor was good so was the supporting cast
An okayish emotional film
P.S. Kabir Should have never remaked this

Thani Oruvan 8/10 (DOUBLE ATTACK 2)
Brilliant film one of the rarest film in tamil or rather Indian cinema where the villain
Dominates the hero
Arvind Swamy nailed the role he was just terrific
First time i watched jayam ravi he was ok
Nayanthara didn't had much to do despite being such a good actress
Her role was poorly written
A refreshing attempt in tamil cinema something diff from regular hero villain dramas

Movie of the week:THANI ORUVAN

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BFG- 3/5
Deepwater horizon - 3.5/5
Bajrangi bhaijaan (3rd time viewing)- 4.25/5: How i missed this magic in tubelight
Lakshya -4/5 (10th time viewing)- One of hrithik's most underrated films

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Have watched this one countless time, decided to do a full rewatch after a long time. Enjoyed it a lot.


Home Alone:

Again, watched countless times. Had seen part 2 a few months ago so thought why not.


The Lorax:

Rewatched it for the first time since I saw it back in 2012. Back it then I loved it and encouraged everyone to see it, this time the flaws were extremely apparent, and I was unable to shake them off. Seemed like a lesson for kids more than a movie. Still, animation was great and some genuinely funny moments.


Kong: Skull Island:

Finally, a new movie. I decided to see it on a whim and really enjoyed it. Unlike Godzilla, this movie showed us a lot more of the creature, had a lot more action, and human characters were way more interesting. The look of the movie has been the most I have been impressed by a movie since Harry Potter 6. Another great thing is that it does not feel overlong, rather leaves you wanting more. I feel like I will be rewatching this one very soon.


Movie of the week: Kong: Skull Island, simply for being something new and fresh to watch. I will be watching some new movies soon because of my experience with this.

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Again no films this week but a TV Series.
1. 13 Reasons Why (S01E01-S01E04)
It's going well till now especially the 1st one was superb but problem to me is that I am enjoying it, no doubts, but characters are not playing as I expect them to do normally. Anyways it's still good. 7/10

by Super-star (194k points)

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