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Who will you blame for the failure of TL? Kabir? Screenplay or direction? plot? Sallu? did TL deserved all the negativity? what do you expect (realistic) from his upcoming projects?
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Nope... But it was his most disliked performance .As a neutral I didn't liked it.

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I haven't watched it. pathetic than Jai ho, Dabangg2 etc?Why it didn't worked ATY?


In the last 7-8 years u can see that what ever the roles that salman played were likeable. Even the twisted and corrupt chulbul pandey was highly likeable.. But here in tubelight our bhai plays a character who has no virtue, at least he should have been endearing , but to be honest he wasn't ,but he tried . And this was the biggest blunder of Tubelight and the reason for the crash Imo.


Who will you blame for the failure of TL? Kabir? Screenplay or direction? plot? Sallu? did TL deserved all the negativity? what do you expect from his upcoming projects?


I Feel that there is a graph on which filmmakers plot their vision. In order to make it universally appealing , the makers misjudged and set the graph too low in terms of story telling ,it was very very simple . Show this film to a 12 year old he will like it. So both kabir and salman are responsible.
I don't think he will take a risk like tubelight in the next couple of years. And he shouldn't.

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Since i didn't give my review anywhere ...
the Fan in me liked Tubelight ...
Tubelight is much better than the likes of PRDP, Dabng-2, Ready, & Jai ho atleast for me..
I'm shocked how can this be called as a bad movie bcoz i did't feel anything bad in that so those who gave 1 & 1.5 may be some maha purush's only ..
seriously people like Komal nahta who praised a PRDP just bcoz it took record opening & backed by good advance booking over the weknd has rated less due to its lukewarm response at the ticket window ..
Now coming to Tubelight it is one of the good film of Salman with least entertainment or mass appeal ..
it was a commercial but Kabir gave a niche film treatment ...
Salman gave one of his career's best performance apart from some crying scenes he was brilliant as an actor ..
Sadly here we will see Salman as actor but not the Superstar ...
Tubelight is Salman's 4th best performance in this decade after BB, Sultan & Dabangg ....

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Salman was brillant in his role, but bro, story mein koi appeal/entertainment nahi tha, it was too dragged.


Intense bhai still i want Salman to work with Kabir bcoz as Director he is good but the fault in Tubelight was its script & screenplay ....
Tubelight's biggest problem was its thin layer script ....
It had small story which is stretched too much with no mass element & a forceful emotions ....


Same bro, kabir is a good director but bad writer. I want him to do otmf remake too. Its now proven salman can act tremendously well if he is given a character as such. A dream combo will be bhansali and salman, in an epic film, hope it happens.

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No. Dabangg 2 was hands down the worst film of salman in this decade, veer and jai ho were bad too. Kabir, his bad script is to be blamed. The plot.....was hardly there. Audiences go to a movie, not a lecture on yakeen, gandhi principles etc. Story wise the biggest problem for me was every scene kept repeating itself every few minutes. Salman and zhu zhu, then the kid, then keeps rambling on.

I want salman to do different but entertaining films, one failure will not put him down, but from now he needs to be careful.

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Despite its flaws Tubelight is far better than Dabangg 2, JAI HO and Bodyguard. I love the movie and congrats Salman for his bravery to do a movie like Tubelight at his best phase

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Do you also applaud srk for doing movies like swades paheli mnik during his best phase.


Why not? I watched Swades repeatedly and loved the movie.

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For me bodyguard was worst

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Bodyguard. dabang 2. ready. kick jai ho PRDP. all worse than tubelight

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