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Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer Jab Harry Met Sejal will hit the screens on 4th August. With one month left in release, the pre-release buzz of the film is on the lower side.

SRK and Red Chillies Entertainment has opted for a unique promotional strategy for JHMS where they are releasing mini trails. This trick has failed big time and it will not be wrong to say that this has backfired to some extent. So far four mini trails and one song promo is out and none of them has anything special.

These promos featured some random dialogues or conversation between the lead and there is no hint of the story. The family audience might stay away after watching the second promo. It is looking like an urban rom-com which might appeal towards only a limited section of the audience. Another problem was their accent and dialogue delivery. Some might even find it tough to understand it.

The director Imtiaz Ali mostly makes films for the multiplex audience. So when he announced a film with SRK, there were some concerns in trade about its appeal. However, SRK made it clear that JHMS will be a universally appealing love story. But now after the release of mini trails, it is looking like an urban film.

There was no need for experimenting something like this for a risky film. Ideally, they should have made a well-balanced trailer having some fun elements and romance. They could have attached it to Tubelight. And then they should have released the songs one by one. The film had terrific music reports and yet only song is out so far.

A good trailer is a must for a film to have a good initial. Tubelight is a recent example which could not open well despite the presence of India’s biggest superstar. The audience has become smart these days so they can anticipate what is in the stores by looking promos. When romcoms are not working anymore then one wonders that why RCE is trying to give the impression that it is a rom-com.

Jab Harry Met Sejal was preponed to 4th August to avoid the clash with Akshay Kumar’s Toilet Ek Prem Katha. Still, it can pose a threat in the second week of JHMS. So a good initial is a must for SRK starrer to survive at the box office. The makers need to act quickly otherwise this could be SRK’s lowest opening till date.
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But But But Salman Stardom Exposed with Tubelight Opening. I have said it from long time that Trailer is the most important thing now for Opening Day Collection apart from Starcast. But according to SRKians- "Any Day Any Time Any Genre" the name SRK is enough for Excellent Opening. On 4th August going tl Troll All SRKIANS badly especially the one who made that post

by Director (121k points)

Don't worry........ JHMS won't give 100 crs loss to Distributors :D :D

Only BHAI can give FLOP on EID (rofl) (rofl)


SRK movies WW DP are even less than Salman Movies Domestic DP .Aukat Aukat ki baat hai


Lol, Aukat ki nahi Dimaag ki baat hai..!!

SRK would not sell a movie like JHMS for high price, but he will sell a movie like Dilwake in very high price next time he does that sort of movie..!!

Whereas Tubelight coming from combo of BB, having same emotional type movie gave distributers hope of repeating BB

But instead of repeat of BB, we got a repeat of what Salman used to do in previous decade lol


Yeah just like Dilwale 125-130cr India and Bajrangi Bhaijaan 130 WW. Aukaat Aukaat ki Baat.

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Flop written all over it.....................................

by All Time best! (326k points)
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Totally agree. People outside this forum count, not just a few fans. One solid trailer, good songs are needed for that 20cr figure.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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agree with them.
masses & families will not come unless something special happens.

by Assistant Director (42.8k points)
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Tell Bollyarena to go to jis Ka naam koi nahi jaanta..WO is tarah kahe to banda kya kahe

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)

Jis site ka naam tak koi nhi janta aise site ke tweet ko Srk quote karta hai, tweet pe reply deta hai.... #SHAME!


Tweet ka reply to fans ko bi deta hai.. .. Is me kya hai


Fans tak toh thik hai Cz wo mention me ata hai... but 2 Kodi ke site ke tweets ko RT, quote, reply karna wo bhi tweets dhund dhund ke... Hahahaha

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Ye website fraud hai

Boi articles aur twitter aur Trade analyst ka response dkh ke kch bhi articles aur posts bnate hain

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)

Usi fraud site ke tweets ko Srk quote karta hai, tweets pe reply deta hai... Jo aise fraud site ko itna importance deta hai wo banda Kitna bada fraud hoga socho... (rofl)

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