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As we know that BOI calling Tubelight opening low as per Salman khan standards times and again even according to them 21cr opening have real value of 25cr but inspite of that they will tag TUBELIGHT opening as Average/Good at home page while raees did 20cr with clash and if we adjust its real value it will be max 25cr which is on par with Tubelight opening while raees was tagged as excellent opener by boi, so now question is, will boi tag jwm2 opening as excellent at 18-20cr numbers? Share your honest opinion
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No BOI won't give it but sort of film JHMS is turning, ₹18-20cr will be excellent for sure.

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Tubelight’s 21cr (real value 25-26cr) opening is considered average (poor/disastrous by haters).... But srk's 18-20cr openers are considered excellent... Hahaha...#Sab AUKAAT AUKAAT ki baat hain.....!

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It Solely Depends On Opening Occupancy, Not Whole Opening Day Number.
70% Or More = Bumper
55% Or More = Excellent
40% Or More = Good
Less Than This = Average

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Excellent isn't the tag of full opening day collections..!!

These Excellent, bumper etc are occupancy of a movie in MORNING SHOWS

RAEES took - 55-60% opening in morning shows on clash with less capacity - Hence the occupancy was termed as EXCELLENT..!!

TUBELIGHT opened at 35-40% acc to BOI in morning shows in 4400 screens, hence AVERAGE in morning shows..!!
BOI don't include occupancy of NOON, EVENING, NIGHT shows or full day collections..!!

BOI gives these tag only on basis of MORNING SHOWS OCCUPANCY..!!

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Opening Depends on Occupancy % in the morning shows in Total number of screens. So if Opening is below 40% it won't be termed as good . Opening of above 55% is termed as Excellent .70% + as Bumper

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Anything in the range of 35-40% will be bad for jhms. Over 55-60% is needed to be called good to excellent.

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don't know about BOI, but to me it will be below average - poor.

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