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Salman  Khan : 1037 Cr
Aamir Khan : 544Cr
SRK : 531Cr

Salman  Khan : 603Cr
Aamir Khan : 351Cr
Shah Rukh Khan : 208Cr

How much has been Profit Shared by Distributors towards Salman? Post Dabangg, his 1st flop. 10 films Success., only 1 semi-hit.

How much money Aamir returned to distributors for Dhobhi Ghat & Talaash?

How much Srk returned for all his Semi-Hit & Flop with losses? Only Diwale?
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Worldwide share ka kya hua he he he...........................................


Fan & DZ se kaafi jyada hai... (rofl)

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If kick and Dabangg2 caused damage to distributors then every amir khan movie incures huge losses to distributors of mass areas where aamir is super flop

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R you drunk? Aamir is the only actor to give back to back atg.... Atg can't happen with only multiplex....... Sitting in some country and talking won't change the reality.


But his atg movies were flop in mass centers I think you are out of your mind that's y you are unaware the fact Amir is flop in b and c centres

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None of the distributors lost money in Aamir Khan case.
In SRK case only due to Raone & Dilwale distributors suffered losses. Refunded upto considerable extent in Dilwale case.
While when it comes to Sallu, distributors lost money in Dabangg 2, Jai ho, Kick & Tubelight.

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Oh so the laash was profitable for distributors? Mnik was profitable for Indian distributors? Raees bhai ?


Yes, distributors didn't lost money on talaash.... Talaash was never marketed as a big commercial film.


Aamir expected 75cr for talaash, but it did 20cr more. He was aware of the box office and he ensured nobody involved loses the money!


Very minor losses during Ra one ....

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SRK didn't return 100crs, thats what i m 100% sure
waisay 100 ki ghalat aadat ny kaam khrab keya......Bhai ko is baar yaad nhn rha k 100 number ka exactly krna kya number yaad hogya blunder....Bhai ki koi ghalati nhn

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100 crore loss great going bhaijaan..................

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