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CoP - 61 cr

P & A - 22 cr

Salman Market price - 55 cr approx

Total - 138 cr
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Bhai 83 + 55 = 138 Crore not 128

2nd thing this time Market Value of Sallu should be more than 55cr bcz this time he sold it in huge prices ... Distributors trusted his market aur laashe bich gayin

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BOI are assholes. Look what they did to Fan and Shivaay. either both should be flop or both should be below avg. as soon as shivaay collected the same amount domestically as fan. they increased fan budget from 105 to 120 Cr and WW fan is 186Cr and shivaay is around 140Cr. What is this if not biasedness

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Budget is Also similar to Bajrangi .I think 140-150 Cr Lifetime would have made it Average/Semi-Hit but now it's a Confirmed Flop

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may be Below Average.


Doesn't it depends on the price at which it is sold to distributors ?


I don't see them giving it a Flop.


They will give it. They also Defended Fan for weeks coming up with two three articles but later gave Flop so Tubelight Also would be given for sure. It doesn't matter even if they don't give Perception has been created . Atleast Jai Ho was considered underperform but this is considered a Flop everywhere

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