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Suppose Salman Returns the losses to The Distributors .Then should it be given Flop Verdict?

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Salman Kabir have Reportedly Earned 180 Cr From Tubelight .Now if they return the 75 % loss that is 50 CR. then Distributors would suffer minimal loss and Salman Kabir would also be in Profit .So Does it deserve Flop Verdict then ? Or it should be given Average/Semi-Hit Verdict like Jai Ho Dilwale
I know Perception wise it's a Flop and so for general audience Jai Ho Dilwale are Flops but I am talking about trade verdicts given these days
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There were no reports of small distributors shutting their business during Dilwale

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Verdict is already given & the perception has been already made... Hence, nothing is gonna change. Bhai shouldn't give any compensation to distributors IMO.

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and they will be on road which was the usual trend of solo films of salman for majority 90 decade


Hahaha... Last decade toh thik hai but nineties clearly belongs to Salman Khan... Statistics dalu kya?

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Yep, because verdicts depends upon how a movie performs and not what producers do after the movie finishes it's run..!!

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Then according to that Dilwale should also be given Flop Verdict


dilwale was given semi hit after 2 weeks and nothing to do with return of money.How can a film collecting close to 400 crore can be declared a flop

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Many individual distributors will shut their business forever as per reports.well done bhaijaan

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Unconfirmed reports of Salman's Earning, Selling price are thrown like anything just to prove how bad Distributros are suffering, while Film is crossing 100 Cr.

That 100 Cr which FAN Couldn't cross, Talaash Couldn't cross, despite having much better CRITICAL Acclaim or probably WOM of audience.

A Price which is very common - 132 Cr.

Tubelight ROUGH Estimate - Let's see worst condition - 120 Cr

Distributor Share of all Salman films is always more than normal films earn, so it will be in range of 65-70 Cr.

LOSS = Estimate = 55-57 Cr at most........

A 50 Cr Loss is Disaster? HILARIOUS ??? DOzens of films have loss of 50 Cr Share, still got AVerage, Semi-Hit & Some HIT.

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Share wont be more than 60 crore if it does 120 cr why coz movie did good in multiplexes than single screens so share wont be 65+.
""Distributor Share of all Salman films is always more than normal films earn, so it will be in range of 65-70 Cr.""
well thats coz all his films in last few years were for Masses and single screens where share will be higher. Lekin its not the case here as TL is doing more in Plexes than SS . Yes SS did good on EID day lekin uske pehle 3 days and on Tuesday falls.
So overall if it does 120 crore then share wont go above 60/62 crore.

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Verdict depends on the prices sold for.....
If the money is compensated's verdict is already on negative..

And remember there won't be 100% loss compensation...

So flop is a flop...

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