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"There will be talk of even Salman Khan on a downward spiral now but nothing really changes for him, he remains the most popular star for the Hindi audience by a distance and it will take 4 or 5 Tubelight's to change that. But it is the responsibility of the star to make sure that a big festival release does not have arty treatment by the director as is the case here, the reports of a slow arty type film among the audience have ensured his mass following has not turned up after Eid which is a huge setback not only for the film but the industry also."
in General by Assistant Director (49.1k points)

Now some idiots might appear to declare BOI a fake site... Unke liye toh saare trade sites fake hai... Bas Red Chillies calculator hi eklouta REAL cheez hain duniya me..!

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Agar tubelight ki jagah Bodyguard jaisi movie bhi hoti naa toh bhi Tubelight se double biz karti.

by Producer (118k points)
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Forget it....One Tubelight has changed nothing. Salman is still light years ahead of others....And idiots ko attacking reply karo...jitna defensive banoge utna hi jyada bakwas karenge ye log.

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Alright so we are here to decide on basis of BOI. Here we go.
All Time List
1990-1999 (Difference of 520 points in 4 years)
2010-2019 (Difference of 260 points in 6 years)

Well you can see the distance and let's not talk about last decade. And now some idiot hypocrites will say BOI is fake.

by Super-star (194k points)

Mene toh 90s ki baat ki hai naa ji 2000s ki


hahahahahaha jatinder.... what an answer. I've clicked on +1 after so long tiime


Sihan it's just start. Jedi's are back


Abey thik se padh... Nineties ka sirf 4 saal ka ranking hai... Full decade update hoga toh giga ishtar srk will be nowhere close to Salman...

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Moral Victory For Salman Fans, LMAO.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)
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Really not expected from KABIR. Bad film. Regarding Salman STARDOM he have TIGER ZINDA HAI this year. It will do wonders for sure. slapped all those said anything about his STARDOM.
Khan trios will rule for atleast one more decade.

by Editor (84.9k points)

Look at hypocrisy of some idiots (not u)... Acc to them Salman's stardom is exposed by Tubelight's underperformance. But srk is the biggest star even though his last 4-5 releases are big underperformers.... Hahaha


teri akal thikane aa gayi hogi


Mera akal hamesha se hi thikane pe hai... Tu apni fikar kar

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That's the Universal fact and Other Fanbases can only crib about it and write shits here in frustration

by Director (121k points)

universal fact is that salman should not venture outside his limits

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by Camera Operator (9.1k points)
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Yep, salman needs to have a couple of bad outings like the last decade........which wont happen, he is smart enough to learn from his mistakes now. I am sure he also knows where tubelight went wrong. TZH will erase the bad memories of Tubelight for salman fans

by Mega Star (226k points)
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He may be most popular but as far as box office is concerned limitations of Megastar Salman is show by Tubelight. Yes even 5 Tubelight wouldn't make him down but 1 Tubelight showed the true stardom of Megastar Salman.

by Super-star (161k points)

Yesss Yesss.... His 8 blockbusters (out of 10 movies till TL rls) have ZERO value.... His 9 bumper/excellent openers (out of last 10 movies till TL rls) Ped pe uge the....Global giga ishtar runs away in fear of Salman movies.....Toh kya hua.... one underperformer Tubelight showed his true stardom... Hahaha..... Pata nhi aise genius logo ko mod koun bana deta hai yaar!

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The point is not that is Salman popular or not, let all trolling be aside and think on it, with his usual macho roles, he is one of the most popular stars ever, but when he sheds that image completely, audience has shown less willingness in his movies, that's the main point, Tubelight wasn't niche or offbeat, only Salman's character was not upto his usual self, so that's the point to think that in action entertainers or even movies like prdp or bb which are not action movies yet salman people love is there, but when he sheds his persona into something new, will people accept him, that's the question to think about..!!

by All Time best! (269k points)

If SRK does a Jai Ho it will be a Disaster too


@puneeth not jai ho ..
can srk pull Sultan ......


Can Salman pull a Tubelight..??

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There is no 2nd thought about it that Salman is & will remain most popular star among Hindi audience, but the conditions apply that these Hindi audience are fond of Masala , Item songs , Punch dialogue - in short they simply needs to be called Launde lapades and if all these thing remains in same sync then no one can touch Salman popularity among these Launde lapades...
Seriously man 4-5 Tubelight, Salman just gave 1 flop/disaster film & half of his proud fans mandli disappeared (and i am only talking about our forum , situation is even more worse in real world).

by Star (156k points)
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Enjoy This Decade but don't talk about All Time


by Production Accountant (23.5k points)

Lol.... BOI clearly said that Salman ia the no.1 star Kuch bhi bakta hai tu.


Again you are going away from topic. Here are your exact words..

First you are telling Salman will be ahead of SRK in 90s..

Hahaha... bhai thik se padh... Nineties ka sirf 4 saal ka ranking hai... Full decade update hoga toh Salman will be way ahead of srk.

commented 3 hours ago by TIGER- the real king

Now Ankit's reply in which your fav BOI says that SRK is way ahead of Salman in 90s...

Q. Which Khan dominated the box office in the Nineties?
A. If you talking in between the Khans then it was Shahrukh Khan followed by Salman Khan followed by Aamir Khan but none of the Khans dominated overall. In the early nineties it was Amitabh Bachchan, in the mid nineties it was Sunny Deol and in the late nineties it was Shahrukh Khan. Overall the decade belonged to Sunny Deol.
Kashif Khan.

commented 3 hours ago by Ankit Casting Director

So Now from SRK-Salman comparision you are comparing SRK-Sunny...Rofl.

"Overall the decade belonged to Sunny Deol."..... Then WTH some idiots always chant that srk ruled two decades, giga ishtar ruled two decades and blah blah blah blah???

commented 43 minutes ago by TIGER- the real king Casting Director

And now when I exposed your have brought back your original post which is about current ranking and not about 90s..and which is exactly what Ankit said in his answer.

So my humble request is...


Sunny ne rule kia decade bcz uske 10 saal ke points hain

Srk ka debut hi late tha srk ke bas 7 saal ke points hain

Salman ke 10 saal ke hain par wo fir bhi srk se neeche h


No clean hit from last 3 years
No HGOTY since last 10 years
He runs away from clashes in fear of even Akk.... But frustrated humlog hai... Hahaha.

@ankit, both Salman and srk ka 4 years ka hai... Tujhe 10 years kaha mila bhai?

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