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As I remember the last forum was super active even during 2019. Was it due to COVID? Or as most members were srk fans, they were waiting for his comeback?
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We didn't close the forum. In '21, old forum was archived and people were redirected to the new forum(itsboxoffice.com) , as the old one's database was bloated asf. It was difficult to manage and server requirements were unnecessarily high as a result. 

The new forum, just, didn't click with the existing users.

And, The new forum was active until 3 weeks ago when I decided to bring the old platform back - minus the old database.

It has nothing to do with SRK, I could have easily brought it back before the extended weekend, if that was the case. I just had free space in my server for forum so I thought of bringing it back.
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I would also use the other one, but that has too much in it and wouldn't be as easy as this one for users. I replied in there once it twice but no one cared
Congrats to zin for reopening the forum. My advice to you - stricter moderation than the previous forum  . Since the activity is less nowadays, no need to appoint mods. Allow stupidity but dont allow hostile and abusive behaviour. .
Reward good activity. Make a weekly reward post, declaring -post of the week and answer of the week? With some Bonus points .
and also  we need some anti srk posts immediately ;)