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This will be 3rd team to be owned by SRK, other 2 are KKR in IPL & TKR in CPL..!!

JP Duminy is marquee player for Cape Town..!!
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Kya baat hai.... King to King hai. Kuch bhi kharid le.

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Haa... next... Salman aur Amir ko kharidne wala hai.


Aamir Khan already owns Shahrukh and 2-3 Shahrukh also lick Salman's feet.. (rofl)


Uncensored... na ba parna hai.


Okay... Then let it go..

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Meanwhile salman khan is planning to buy jodhpur street league team

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And Shahrukh khan is also planning to buy a villa in Lahore to settle there permanently.....(rofl)

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Omg he is buying the capital team... Sheer megastardom...

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LMAO! What's the relationship between money and Megastardom? Mukesh Ambani is the richest man of the country... So acc to ur logic he's the biggest megastar of India(rofl)(rofl)

Preeti Zinta has an IPL team but Salman Khan, Rajnikanth, Aamir Khan etc don't have any IPL team. That’s mean Preeti Zinta is bigger star than Salman, Rajnikanth etc..... Hahaha.... Criminal bupa come to Tezpur... Eaat Manoxik Chikitsaloy ase(rofl)


"Mukesh Ambani is the richest man of the country" - I know you would ask something stupid like this. I used "stardom" for Srk as he is a star, a celebrity .. Mukesh Ambani is a businessman, why would I say he is megastar? What Srk earned is from his hard work in the film industry not by business.. so please don't ask illogical questions just for the sake of a reply..
aur ye bechari Preety Zinta k peeche kyun pade ho? Kya bigada usne?
"The ownership of the Kings XI Punjab franchise lies with a company named KPH Dream Cricket, which is co-owned by actress Preity Zinta, businessman Ness Wadia, KaranPaul of the Apeejay Surrendra Group, Mohit Burman of Dabur India Ltd and Delhi-based company Root Investment. As of the year 2014, Mohit Burman held 46 per cent of the company's stakes whereas Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia had a stake of 23 per cent each."
Source -
Any big Bollywood celebrity can own 23% of an IPL cricket team.. I don't even brag about Srk owning KKR, but creating a Knight Rider franchise all over the world with 3 Knight Riders in 3 big global premiere leagues, that is something I doubt Salman, Aamir, Rajnikanth etc would even think of doing..
Its a very good thing indeed that you have a mental hospital near your home.


Absolutely, Mukesh Ambani can't be considered a Megastar cz he's not a filmstar. Megastar is one who delivers back to back Blockbusters.... Not someone who owns an ipl/isl/pro kabaddi team. In simple words, megastar/superstar tag completely based on box office performance.... It has nothing to do with someone's cricket, restaurant business. So, neither Vijay Malya nor srk can be considered megastar due their ipl teams.

23% hi sahi Preeti Zinta has share in a ipl team.... But Salman, Rajnikanth, Aamir etc don't have that. So according to your logic srk Preeti Zinta>>>Salman/Rajnikanth/Aamir..... LMAO!


Well your definition of megastar is definitely wrong.. Amitabh is a but is his films doing even 100cr? Do you think if Salman starts giving flops consistently from now on he wouldn't be termed as a megastar after 20 years? mega is very big, star means celebrity... and that was Srk is, a very big celebrity .. no blockbuster rubbish is attached with it, and if it requires that Srk has enough blockbusters already in his kitty.. so take your LMAO and shut down.

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Soon he will buy Aamir Khan nd Salman Khan. Anyways next Australia​.

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0 answer is here(rofl)


@cj, Aamir Khan already owns Shahrukh and 2-3 Shahrukh also lick Salman's feet.

@Intense, this comment is absolutely on par with the answer...No need to hide this.


Tiger, dont share such articles to provoke fan fights. @jatinder, do not use such language that you have in your answer.


@Intense, won't share until anyone post such answer/comment again.

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Good to see Indian involvement in the saf t20 league too, not just SRK, GMR group of the delhi daredevils is also showing interest in buying a team.

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Yesss Yesss...... Shahrukh, Preeti Zinta, Vijay Malya, Raj Kundra etc all are Megastars.... But Shahrukh has edge over others cz he also has teams in West Indies and South Africa...

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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He is becoming less and less a star forget a superstar. So he is right to turn to a businessman. How intelligent!

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That's good from Srk as he knows now as a actor his career is almost over so why not try something different to earn his rozi roti...
Hoping that he next buy some bubbles which he can burst when his career is completely finished...

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Then kindly give him reply under his answer, there it is, above your answer..!!


''Plus he is biggest megastar ever because........ It's simple, i wrote it, and i can write anything to praise him'' :D(rock)


Jealous retard

By Decade:

  1. Shahrukh Khan
    Years: 20
    Star Power: 17705
    Biggest Hits: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham..., Karan Arjun, Dil To Pagal Hai

  2. Salman Khan
    Years: 20
    Star Power: 16045
    Biggest Hits: Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, Karan Arjun, Hum Saath Saath Hain


Stay happy with your paid bikau BOI analysis as right this is the only thing which is in favor of your fanbase...

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