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Varun Dhawan is a high voltage live wire infused with hardcore Bollywood masala. And we at Filmfare love to love him. He’s graced the fourth episode of our blockbuster chat show with Editor-In-Chief jitesh Pillaai and boy, the madness is high-octane. You can watch the show exclusively on the Jio network anytime and on Colors Infinity at 9PM this Sunday.

Meanwhile here are the 8 things he said on the show that’ll definitely make you want to watch the full ep…

1. Javed Akhtar is a better actor than Shabana Azmi and Alia Bhatt

2. I wouldn’t say Sidharth is my best friend. But he is definitely somebody I wish really well for

3. Alia Bhatt is like a dada on set

4. My dad made sure I got rejected for Dhobi Ghat

5. I like skin show, who doesn’t

6. Natasha… I like the name

7. I was a black sheep of the family, they felt yeh kuch nahi karega

8. My dad is perpetually worried that Varun has to be home before 10 o clock. He hates me going out at night

Plus, you have to watch the episode for Varun’s imitations of Mithoon Chakraborty and Salman Khan. Like you simplly can’t miss that for sure…
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hmm.....unintentionally accepting that his dad made a blunder


Actually his dad got it right. Dhobhi Ghat for Varun Dhawan would've been quite harmful.


maybe....or maybe Darr was harmful to SRK.......doing a good content film like Dhobi Ghat and it not even being a mainstream film could hv still resulted in SOTY.....or KJo was so so obsessed with launching a LITERALLY new face in SOTY.....i don't think David Dhawan even knew if KJo was gonna direct a film without SRK.......n any other director surely would hv casted Varun in commercial film........look at Shradha Kapoor or even Aditya Roy Kapoor, people reacted to Aashiqui 2 as if new faces were launched..........i think even industry mein woh din hwa hoe jb producers jaahiloon ki trha NEW FACE ka mtlb literally laitay thy


Thank God he wasn't part of the film though i haven't seen it but he would have looked like a joker.

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He is a star in the making, has good presence and charisma, can go a long way.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Varun Dhawan has that something to survive and sustain in him in the industry

by Producer (114k points)
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Very smart of his dad. He knows what type of movies work. This is the biggest difference between a star kid and an outsider, an outsider has no one to guide him/her. For example, if Sushant also had a family member deep in the industry, he would have dropped Raabta and taken up Half GF, same for Kriti.

by Editor (82.0k points)

Half GF didn't work so it wouldn't have made any difference


Still did better than Raabta is likely to.


Yess but still these younger generation stars need to do universally appealing films

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Varun dhawan has that kind of persona and fan following that he will become superstar soon.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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varun dhawan is the next akshay kumar.............

life of mediocrity

by Super-star (198k points)

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