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The Related Post Must Be Deleted As It Is Misleading.

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Sultan released just 84 days after release. Dangal released around 150 days after release and with Reliance JIO effect. Even in this case Zee TV was never on top for long time.

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DANGAL Was Still Going Strong In Theatres On Its 84th Day.

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Haha. Where are those people who were saying Dangal is not even in top 5?:D

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thats it ...although it was difficult before ...seemed to be impossible later on've done it.....congratulations....... now you are a new and improved idiot.....

defeated by colossal margin hahaha .... thats not a colossal margin..........

colossal margin is ... universally acclaimed dangal's score difference from a not so well received PRDP

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Prdp was premiered within 2 months. Dangal after 5 months. See the difference
Universally acclaimed Bajarangi failed to cross Pk(reason south film Bahubali) lol.
Bahubali was no where affected by Bhai but Bhai film was what a shame :)


its about your audience pull ... whenever you release....... not this 2 months 5 months shit....

you seem to be a fan of history.......
just look at it again.... you think bajrangi didn't cross PK.....

all aamir movie release with a month of free run... while salman khan movies release with competition........

if aamir khan is such a megastar.... why none of his movies have crossed 2cr footfalls within week 1.... even when there was no competition for his movies.....

i'll tell you why......... because he lacks star power........he has no star pull.... if he had that.... content plus star power would have given him 2cr footfalls within week 1... because the only thing missing here is ... that 20cr shortfall. which opening day to weekend can be covered... with the kind of WOM his movies get....

24cr opening day .... 38cr day 3 .------- > see growth of the movie due to WOM
40% start in the morning improved so much to give 29cr day 1 .... and 42cr day 3 ----> growth of WOM...

both PK and dangal opened to 40% occupancy in the morning ........ when if there was a star in'em.... that 40% would have been 70%-80%
almost double....

he has WOM on his side... with highest ticket rates of that time of release....
if his movies is'll be from the day 1....
if salman khan's movie is rejected its from day 4.....


i mean isn't talaash his only non christmas release.......with just one week of free run........ that tell the whole story.....


look this christmas atleast in India had no extra holiday. Both were on sundays, Talaash is a rare under performer just like jai ho for Salman. Still talaash did 48cr weekend huge at that time for the genre talaash is!.

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Top Hindi Movie BARC Rating (Impressions) :-
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo - 2,51,19,000
Dangal - 1,62,64,000
Sultan - 1,13,10,000

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If Sultan would have telecasted on Star Plus it would have broken all Records . Aamir last two movies before Dangal were underperformers .It's only as they were telecasted on Sony

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Top Hindi Movie BARC Rating (Impressions) :-
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo - 2,51,19,000
Dangal - 1,62,64,000
Sultan - 1,13,10,000


Underperformers? On A Fairer Scale, PK Got TRP Of 6.7 Compared To Bajrangi Bhaijaan's 6.8 & Prem Ratan Too Whereabout. And Zee TV Is Even Worse For WTPs In Addition To That Noon Timings. DANGAL, On Saturday Night Could Have Easily Gone Beyond 2.5Crore Views. Either Way! I Love Excuses.

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