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It's good that you have added " Tommorow " in the headline of the post . Otherwise users would have started rating it ..many times I too have rated the songs/trailer without watching them..:P

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A while back , I reviewed the trailer or song of an Akshay Kumar film , because my friend kowsigan asked the question below my answer and I had no headfones with me ...I didn't saw it , but still I got 5-6 upvotes for that...


Hahaha.....chalo isi baat pe mene bhi ek up vote de diya (rofl)


Haha 4_Lee rocks as usual ....
btw what will you think to write when Baazigar ask your reactions in his posts ...


@irdwhelp bhaisaab for non Baazigar post I have to think for 10-15 seconds before I type my answer but for baazigars post I usually take 1-2 minutes before answering and when it comes to his identify the movie posts it takes a lot of effort ....


I thought b4 answering you will see in mirror by scratching your head ..

0 ..I used to get flabbergasted by the frequency - intensity - continuity of his posts (yeah continuity because he could produce 5 posts whose origin can be traced backed to a single post , it's like a uranium atom in a fission reaction ) ..but that was the initial phase , but now he is my tauji..

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Naach Meri Jaan Haters ki chaddi pe aag laga dega aag...bilkul Radio song ki tarah!

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Waiting eagerly....

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Naach meri jaan will be a treat to watch and will be soulful to ears

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Naach meri bulbul tujhe paisa milega....aao kabhi haveli pe

by Camera Operator (11.6k points)

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