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When will Aaamir Khan Cross MAINE PYAR KIYA Footfalls?

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Maine Pyar Kiya

Footfalls = 4,90,72,000 (even if we take Baazigar's estimates - 4.75 Cr)


2nd ATG @ time


Aamir Khan's 5 ATBB & 5 ATG Footfalls

Raja Hindustani = 4.09 Cr

Dangal = 3.70 Cr [Expected]

PK = 3.50 Cr

3 Idiots = 3.17 Cr

Dhoom 3 = 2.97 Cr

Ghajini = 2.40 Cr

Except for RH, all other ATBB / ATG are current ones with BIGGEST RELEASE SCALE, SCREENS, HIGHEST TICKET PRICE(ETP), even BIGGEST WOM for some.

Salman's 2nd biggest HIT ke footfalls kab cross karega Aamir?
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MPK will be around 4.65-5.15 crore...............

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Hahaha....Yet to match Salman's debut movie and some of his fans call Salman a 2010 born star

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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Kya kabhi Aamir DEBUT tak pahunchega?


Agar aisa hua toh wo Eighth wonder hoga world ka

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So you have increased your accept rate, good, wish all users should follow rules as swiftly as you did..!!

So just for you, and Aamir fans, don't think that I'm answering due to my hatred for aamir or anything, but just because good work must be encouraged, so just for you following rules so swiftly, I'm gonna say never, Aamir won't ever cross MPK footfalls and HAHK toh phir dur ki baat hai..!!

Now select this answer as best to increase you accept rate even more..!!

by All Time best! (269k points)

Ab Sabhi ANSWERS dekh ke BEST Select Karunga =))


Lmao TB already you have 178k points & you are still asking to select your answer as best kyun tauji se aagey badna chahte ho kya ..
anyways .. 1... so that i can contribute 3 points..

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Haha Aamir sir cant even dream of crossing maine pyar kiyas footfalls . Although aamir releases all his movies only in december but Still decembers biggest hit is with Megastar Salman khan. He can only give atg with super enhanced ticket rates and 4 weeks free run. Atgs whose footfalls are similar to Salman khans blockbusters and Atbbs without free run.

by Location Manager (7.7k points)
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Well he crossed with Dangal. Dangal worldwide Footfalls are 7cr approx.

by Super-star (194k points)

Jatinder Footfalls till yesterday in china are 3.1 cr(china)+3.9cr(ind)+45-50Lacs=7.5cr approx WW FF.
Wld cross HAHK WW FF in a day or 2.


Rajat hardly 5 Lacs Overseas FF for MPK.
K3G OS FF were 15 Lacs.


Oh My Mistake! Not 25 Lacs But 2.5Lacs.


INDIA Cross hota nahi, ab 9000+4250 = 13250 Screens laga ke they will cross films like MPK & HAHK which were just 15 & 35 Screens release in India, and few more in OS =))

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Salman ki Jai Ho.............

by Assistant Director (43.1k points)
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Top 3 Most Watched Khan Movies Globally In Last 20 Years
2. PK
3. Raja Hindustani
All Of 'Em Belongs To Aamir, As Usual.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)



HAHK = 35
DANGAL = 4250


HAHK = $ 3.50 M (Exact Screens/FF never revealed)

DANGAL= 9000

Aamir competing with 1994 film to cross figure GLOBALLY

Salman rules, Aamir **** even with 300-400% bigger advantage


Hahaha.....Manipulation starts! Dangal footfalls India 3.7cr + China 3cr + ROW 30 lacs = 7 cr......



-Omkara- bro Lord rajat has no shame how much ever you do chamatkar of him he will need more of it .. IYKWIM


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