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As we know many web portals start star ranking just to put their favourite star on the top in every possible conditions same is the case with BOI right from the beginning ranking of boi is unfair biased and having many flaws they always supported their Maalik srk in every possible ways they put srk on top in 96 for Flop movie having poor opening while they even did not place Salman khan in top 3 having top opener of the year JEET salman clearly deserved to be in top2 coz he had karan arjun,veergathi which are bigger openers than srk solo movies in 95 but boi served their Maalik and placed him on top for free while they dropped deserving mahn (salman khan) in 96 just to make him superior to salman Same is the case in 97 where sunny was clear no.1 coz their sole Criteria was only opening weekend but they again placed srk on top and ditched sunny now come to 99 where Salman khan is the clear no.1 be it opening and bigger success but again boi served their Maalik and ditched Salman khan to place him on top same story is in 2000 where hrithik is ultimate but again boi served their Maalik and ditched hrithik same example is in 2003 where again hrithik was clear leader in point ranking but once again dear boi served their Maalik and ditched hrithik now come to 2005 here Salman khan was the ultimate having bigger success than srk while srk was once again placed on top for FLOP paheli whose opening was very poor now step forward to 2006 where hrithik was the ultimate having top 2 openers and crossers but once again boi served their malik and ditched hrithik for nothing now its 2008 where amir was right deserving coz he had good openers in 2006 and 2007 as well but again boi served their Maalik and ditched amir khan same is the case in 2009 where boi was very severely unfair to amir and they placed srk on top for FLOP billu and ditched amir khan same was the case in 2013 Amir was clear deserving no.2 star since 2008 but dear Boi like always doing their faithful duty for their favourite Ishtar srk and his fans think he was megastar and was right deserving even truth and facts are in opposite side srk is never deserving to be on top in all time star ranking of BOI
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Hahahaha bhai baat samaj ani chahye ye baat Maine aik hi saans main aik hi sentence main boli hai toh fullstop kaise?


In real terms salman was never top actor in any year till 2010.He never gave a top opener for 2 decades.he was a weak solo hero in comparison of what he is today


Hahaha hahaha hahahaha

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two steps to answer this question whether .boi system of ranking is fair.....

1- koi idea nahe
2- we dont care even if we get an idea

i personally think salman khan is number 1 .... no matter how rankings work........a srk fan would say the same an aamir fan would say the same............ no matter what boxoffice result is.........

heck they even consider akshay kumar number 1.... his fans......... so like..... perceptions dont change.

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Yeah, SRK buys everything & everyone..!!

Awards shows, box office websites, TED, Netflix, NASA, UNESCO, Government of different countries and even Interpol..!!

SRK has been there, done that, bought that, used that and threw that, and again bought that after using and throwing it..!!

And now......................... Your point is..??

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My point is don't hail him as biggest of all time coz he is not he is media made


don't forget, that selfish self-centered star even bought Obama....shame on him


obama went on vacation using SRKs money. The aid US gives to pakistan is also given by SRK to the US. so in other words SRK is supporting Pakistan. shame

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PK 1st day collection Kaise bar Gaya.... HNY 1ST DAY Kaise decrease Hua. Tab to bahut uchhal rahe thee.

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RA. I is a hit in India

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Recently Boxofficeindia answered a question about which Khan dominated the 90s Decade.
Many Salman Fans were not happy with the answer because they feel Salman Khan did better than Shahrukh Khan in 90s. But that's completely wrong. This confusion is because of Fan made sites like Indicine & Koimoi. They compare Fake stats & Manipulated Verdicts without any kind of Knowledge.

Shahrukh Khan Debuted in 1992 almost 4 Years after Salman Khan.
There was a huge difference between Shahrukh Khan & Salman Khan in 90s not only in Initial pull or popularity but Success Ratio, Blockbuster Ratio, Fan Following and everything else contributing to the position of an artist.

Madhuri Dixit was the biggest Female Superstar in the first half of the decade & Karisma Kapoor in the second half.
Salman Khan got majority of success with these two Supreme actresses. When these actresses were on peak.
Salman Khan didn't got much credit in Hum Aapke hain kaun (1994). He was completely overshadowed by Madhuri Dixit. In 1994 Salman Khan did 4 films 3/4 became washout Disasters with Washout initials & Hum Aapke Hain Kaun become huge All Time Blockbuster & Record grosser. After that in 1995 January Opinion Poll results Salman Khan got just 1% (80) Votes. On the other hand Madhuri Dixit alone got 52% Votes in Favorite heroine category. That was the domination of Madhuri Dixit in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Madhuri Dixit also won Filmfare for her performance in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

Salman Khan's Best years in 90s was Year 1998 & 1999. He managed to achieve second spot #BOI Ranking in these years.
Year 1999 was Record year for Salman Khan. He did 5 films in year 1999.
3 Multistarrers became Big Hits & 2 Solo films failed at the box office.
Most of his Solo lead films bombed badly at the box office in 90s.

On the other hand Shahrukh Khan had huge Fan Following, only second to Amitabh Bachchan in the first half of 90s and Biggest in the second half.
Shahrukh Khan used to command huge initials and scored highest number of Blockbusters in 90s.
Shahrukh Khan had huge Star Power Average in 90s. But Shahrukh Khan got Stardom in 1993 so he got only 7.5 Years to perform on the other hand Sunny Deol was well established star even before 1990.
That is the reason Sunny Deol have maximum points in 90s. But Shahrukh Khan had much better Star Power Average in 7 Years.
Sunny Deol had 7260 Points in 10 Years with Average Star Power of 726.
On the other hand Shahrukh Khan had 5860 Points in just 7 Years with Average Star Power of 837.
Decade belongs to Sunny Deol because of More Years & More Points but if we compare 1992-1999 Phase then Shahrukh Khan was Margin ahead from Sunny Deol.
Shahrukh Khan started his career on Positive note. And became huge Star with Blockbusters like Baazigar & Darr in 1993.
In 1995 Shahrukh Khan scored more than 10 Crore Footfalls in a single calendar year that is 1000 Crore+ Adjusted Nett in current era.
In 1997 he scored 7.50 Crore Footfalls & scored 4 back to back successful films in a single year.
Overseas & Worldwide he was much ahead from others.

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f we compare Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan Only India Stats from 1992-1999 then this confusion will be clear to everyone.
1992-1999 -----
Shahrukh Khan - 65.38%
Salman Khan - 37.50%

Shahrukh Khan - 23.07%
Salman Khan - 12.50%

Shahrukh Khan - 35.14 Crore
Salman Khan - 27.86 Crore

Shahrukh Khan - 1.35 Crore
Salman Khan - 1.16 Crore

Salman Khan - 7
Shahrukh Khan - 1

Salman Khan - 29.16%
Shahrukh Khan - 3.84%


Source? Or BOI? :D

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No It Is Not. Period.
"Amir was clear deserving no.2 star since 2008". Really? Are You Doing Us Some Kind Of Favor By Saying This. Because He Should Be On The Top Since Since His Return After The Famous Hiatus With Mangal Pandey. BOI Time & Again Proved That They Hate Aamir. Their Favorite Stars Are Salman & Shahrukh. Even In 2013 When Salman Had No Release, They Put Him At Number One While Aamir Gave Record Shamshing Opener & Also A Record Grosser In The Same Year. Come 2014, PK Opened More Than Jai Ho, Kick. Weekend More Than Kick & Happy New Year, And Much Higher Than Jai Ho. Yet Aamir 3rd. Come 2016, Record Weekend For Dangal. Lets See If They Put Aamir On Top Or Not.

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