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As we know dear boi has removed 2nd phase China collections from 3i,dhoom3,fan,hny,pk and of course Dangal now it it will be a hypocrisy or you can say 2ble standards if they don't remove Bhahubhali2  from their data base coz it dznt deserve to be in Hindi records coz it is not Core Hindi movie its a dubbed version and BOI never included dubbed version of any industry into Hindi data base we admit by heart that Bhahubhali 2 is a hugest success even beyond imaginations but rules are rules you can't violate your own rules for the sake of it Bhahubhali 2 was,is and won't be as Core Hindi movie even main lead actor prabhas dznt know one single word of Hindi then how can you include Bhahubhali in Hindi records just coz it did beyond imaginations but that is totally unfair and biasness of BOI if they don't exclude or removed Bhahubhali from their data base Coz BOI is only for Core Hindi movies not for regional dubbed movies at all
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boi should be banned .....

ii is not trustworthy now....

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BOI losing its credibility while cinetrak is gaining trust of the fans over twitter the most

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They are completely lost after Dangal humongous success in China as just because of Dangal effect first they stop giving WW figures of Baahubali 2 & not this dubbed version chutiyapa....
Btw they have only removed Aamir movies Collection while MNIK 2nd phase Collection is still the same (they haven't exclude South Korea & some other small market figure from its overseas Collection while for 3 idiots only 1st phase)...
The more they are trying to degrade Aamir sir , in reply Aamir Brutally raping them everytime....

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they never added bajrangi's hong kong figure into final total


Yes I sometimes think about that

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No, they will include it. What they are doing here is that they are taking worldwide collections of Hindi versions of movies whether that movie is of Bollywood, Hollywood or Telugu. Hence Baahubali 2 will be there and it will be top worldwide with around 700cr gross in Hindi India + 100cr in Hindi overseas = 800cr in Hindi. But now Baahubali 2(Hindi) worldwide collections are well within Bollywood reach.

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Taiwan was a total subtitle release and china release had both subtitle and dubbed version.32cr from taiwan and abt 250cr wld be from subtitle version in china.Un ko kaun add karega.BOI ka baap.

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