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Waheeda Rahman,
Meena Kumari,
Smita Patil,
Sri Devi,
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I cant list all.. I mentioned 1-2 from different generatinons...
Add.. Whoever you think... But tell me your views..


@suhas may be didn't aware of them.. p


@Irdwhelp... dont worry I don't watch only Shahrukh Khan films. I mentioned 2 actresses from different generations.

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................i liked katrina kaif's acting skills in sheila ki jawani...............mahn........ can't have enough of her expressions, .... body language.....

by Super-star (198k points)
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I like Nargis in Awara, Shree 420 and Mother India.
Vijyanthimala in Ganga Jumna and Naya Daur
Madhubala in Mughale Azam
Meena Kumari in Pakeezah
Sharmila Tagore in Aradhana
Sabhana Azmi in Masoom
Sridevi in Sadma
I have not watched many old movies, can't say who is better.

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Nutan, nargis, waheeda rehman,meena kumari, sridevi, madhuri dixit

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Dont know about best acting skills but Hema Malini is biggest female superstar and most successful actress commercially. She was also most beautiful actress and had good acting skills as well.

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

No way baadshah kajol has 12 hits or btr Madhuri has more she even gave bb with flop brother of anil kapoor.
In that era mid 80s and 90s only sri devi can be compared to madhuri


ahem.....possibly a little more Hits.....but Kajol has
one, K3G, biggest grosser of Bollywood,
one , DDLJ, 2nd biggest grosser of Bollywood,
one, KKHH, 3rd biggest grosser of Bollywood.....
even Dilwale was around at no.6 ......
MNIK was 2nd biggest grosser.......
then Karan Arjun
n if u r thinking abt there difference in eras....Madhuri is 7yrs elder to Kajol...which is not a generational difference
Madhuri has one, HAHK, biggest grosser of Bollywood
some huge Blockbusters like Beta, DTPH........
actually can't count her successes.....will try to make a post abt Kajol Vs Madhuri....kaash Baazigar bhai is par kaam kr dein :D


I think a post abt this topic must be made
It would be interesting.

Madhuri Vs Kajol. Who is bigger at Boxoffice. Career Stats here.

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