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Half Girlfriend Decent Weekend - Hindi Medium Low But Fair Trend [BOI]

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Half Girlfriend had a decent first weekend as it crossed the 30 crore nett mark but considering the start it could have been better. The film has done reasonably well in all circuits with the problem being the Saturday growth. The Sunday figures may have been affected by the IPL final though Bahubali 2 (Hindi) had no such problems against the cricket match.  A 35 crore nett weekend from a 10 crore nett start would have been a good result for the film and a good hold on Monday could have made it a clean hit but now the Monday hold is needed to become a success. The first weekend collections of Half Girlfriend are as follows.
Friday - 10,00,00,000
Saturday - 10,25,00,000
Sunday - 10,75,00,000
Grand Total - 31,00,,00,000
Hindi Medium had a low first weekend of 11 crore nett though Saturday showed good growth. The film did not follow through on Sunday but that could be due to the IPL final though as mentioned above Bahubali (Hindi) had no such issues on Sunday. The film has a tax exemption in Maharashtra which has really helped the cause of the film and now it will need Monday to be similar to Friday if it is to have a good run at the box office. The first weekend business of Hindi Medium is as follows.
Friday - 2,50,00,000
Saturday - 4,00,00,000
Sunday - 4,50,00,000
TOTAL - 11,00,00,000
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Well I expected Hindi medium to do 5+ cr yesterday.Hope it is steady in weekdays.

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.....i wonder why people even bother watching these movies half girlfriend akira hindi medium..... you watch a movie due to star power ... wo baat alag hai ... wasting money and time on these movies......... how desperate would people be to watch'em.

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HG Above average.....
Hindi medium Hit.

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