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Bahubali 2 is Highest Hindi Grosser of All Time, targets 500 crore

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S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 has shattered the record of the highest Hindi grosser of all-time, Aamir Khan’s Dangal which released during the Christmas weekend last year.
The second week collections of the film has crossed the 140 crore mark – which is more than the lifetime collections of 2017’s highest grosser so far, Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. It has also collected nearly 3 times more than Raees – a film that featured a major Hindi sueprstar – which goes to show the phenomenon that Bahubali 2 has become.
Soon after Dangal became the highest grosser of all time last year, many in the trade felt the record would stand for the next few years – or atleast until the next Aamir Khan film arrives in theatres. But Bahubali 2 has trounced Dangal in just 14 days (2 weeks) and the pace at which the film is going – it could collect 60 crore plus in Week 3 – which would make it the first film to cross the 400 crore and 450 crore mark.
The film will then have a chance of becoming the first film to cross the 500 crore mark in the Hindi market.
Day Baahubali 2 Hindi
Day 1 41.00
Day 2 40.50
Day 3 46.50
Day 4 40.25
Day 5 30.00
Day 6 26.00
Day 7 22.75
First Week 247.00 crore
Day 8 19.75
Day 9 26.50
Day 10 34.50
Day 11 17.00
Day 12 15.75
Day 13 14.25
Day 14 13.00
Two Week 140.75 crore
India Collections 387.75 crore
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And the juggernaut continues to shatter records.What an achievement by the team Baahubali!!!! 500 cr looks possible!!!!!

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It is bigger phenomenon than MPK,HAHK,DDLJ and Gadar.

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