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Little Boy is just the seed of the idea, Tubelight is different: Kabir Khan

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Reacting to criticism over his similarities between his upcoming film ‘Tubelight’ and the Hollywood film ‘Little Boy’, Filmmaker Kabir Khan has said ‘Little Boy’ was officially credited in the teaser of the Hindi film.
He also said the story and treatment of ‘Tubelight’ is completely different from ‘Little Boy’.
“It is in the credits of Tubelight as Official Story Adaptation. But it’s just the seed of an idea. Everything else has been completely changed in Tubelight” Kabir Khan was quoted as saying.
Little Boy is a story about a child who sets out on a journey to find his father who has gone on war, but ends up giving lessons on humanity to everyone around him. Salman’s character in ‘Tubelight’ is said to be based on the child, with the backdrop of the 1962 Sino-Indian war.
‘Tubelight’ is scheduled to release in theatres on June 23.
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Haters have problems with everything related to Salman Khan…. When he was doing back to back commercial entertainers all were chanting that why don’t Salman experiment? Salman can’t make a film out of his comfort zone and blah blah blah…

Now, he makes a completely different movie Tubelight and the same haters are chanting that what’s need of doing this non commercial looking movie? He should do only commercial action movies and blah blah blah….!

Also they've found a new SANJEEVINI Little Boy.... While their favourite stars have done countless unofficial remakes....!

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Salman Fans need
Critics Review 4.5*

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