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Excellent week 5. 

Today it will be HGOAT with official number and at the end of the week by BOI number. 

What a comeback 
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Maybe 1 Cr today ?!
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1cr is Maybe too much With the offer of one free ticket, plus with not hight tickets rates.
Even if it do like  Thursday, 0.7, at the end o week it can be 5.5cr
Film again jumped by 100% on 6th Friday than yesterday as film is heading for 1.30 – 1.50 cr nett which means tomorrow and day after film will go berserk at box office. Film might cross 5th week number or very close to it in 6th week.

Maybe more !
waouuuuhhh , if it really do that it will be outstanding

normally pathaan jump big on saturday , from 70 to 100% and from 25 to 35% on sunday

maybe no competion plus the srk fans making a festive kind of day  celebrating the HGOAT made huge day for friday
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Pathaan is my first SRK movie in the theatre.. First day of release. And It's an ATBB and highest grossing hindi film of alltime beating long standing bb2 record. See.. How lucky i am. 
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Don't want to rate and review the first srk Movie in theatre... I felt a solid 3.5/5.  However, after the movie right away i knew It's gonna be a blockbuster. Cause it was entertaining, it was fast. There was no dull moment. Didn’t even realised how 2 and half and hour past.

Highlighted part was - SRK's look, Salman's cameo was meaningful. Songs were meaningful, well placed. I think these three things helped the movie lot.

Although i felt climax could have been better. Srk could have shown some heroism Over john. John's role was unbelievablely good. Otherwise no complain.

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