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Ask any Chinese moviegoer to name a single Bollywood star and you’d probably get a blank stare back. But for those in the know, Aamir Khan would likely be the standout.
Khan’s Three Idiots screened all the way back in 2011, and while it grossed just RMB 14 million ($2.2 million), the film’sportrayal of India’s high-pressur e education  system struck a chord with Chinese filmgoers across the country leading to a #12 ranking on Douban’s Top 250 list where it sits amongst such Chinese favorites as Wall-E , Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and Inception.
Khan’s religious satire PK similarly played to Chinese sensibilities to become the highest-Grossing Indian film of all-time in the territory with RMB 119 million ($19.4 million) back in 2015
We believe Dangal will continue Aamir Khan’s hot streak in China. Look for an RMB 70 million ($10 million) debut this weekend and a final haul of RMB 200 million (~$30 million)
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This is early prediction depend on how it's perform in opening weekend, good thing is that people are liking it & now it's rating us 9.7 Chinese social site so it's too early to say anything...
Maybe Dangal also surprise us here like Taiwan with long steady run.

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Bro, konsi site ki bat kar rahe ho ? Douban pe 8.8 rating hain


Open the site in Google chrome as they automatically convert the language in English...

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Aamir Khan. The Name Is Enough.

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Damn still creating dangal. What a feat

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Well It Did More Than 6 Times The Prediction!

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