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Pakistani filmmakers are trying to stop Salman Khan's Tubelight from releasing in Eid – here's why

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Salman Khan‘s highly anticipated film, Tubelight might not release in Pakistan around the Eid as a few local filmmakers and organisations have demanded the release of the film in the country be put on hold. The Pakistan Film Distributors Association and the Pakistan Film Producers Association, along with various local film-makers, are actively trying to stall the release of
Tubelight , citing better business for the Pakistani films scheduled to release at the same time. According to the protesters, as decided by the Federal Ministry of Information in 2010, the release of any Indian film on a Muslim holiday in Pakistan is forbidden. The filmmakers are even ready to take the matter to court, if required.
Yalghaar and Shor Sharaba are two Pakistani films that have currently been slated for a release on the Eid 2017. “Indian films dominate our box office the whole year round. It’s only fair that Eid, being a Muslim festival, should not be. Besides, as Pakistanis, we must support the release of local content first,” said Sohail Khan, producer of Shor Sharaba. “The movie is supposed to release on Eidul Fitr and if the government doesn’t stall Tubelight , I will not release my film as a protest,” added the filmmaker. (ALSO READ – Salman Khan’s Tubelight to have this Forrest Gump connection –read exclusive details)
According to sources, the filmmakers will first urge the government to not give an NOC (No Objection Certificate) to Tubelight and for this, the associations are planning to write an official letter to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Also, they held a meeting here wherein it was decided that the entire Pakistani film industry, even its technicians and other less prominent members, will join the planned protest to stop Tubelight from being released on the Eid.
Filmmaker Altaf Hussain confirms this news, as he revealed, “It’s been decided that all those related to the Pakistani film industry will support the Pakistani films that are supposed to release on Eidul Fitr.” Actor Mustafa Qureshi said the government should always give top priority to local projects. “I have always maintained that there should be a complete ban on Indian films,” he said. (ALSO READ – Salim Khan reviewed Salman Khan’s Tubelight and we can’t keep calm! )
According to sources, the ministry had given directives to stop the release of Tubelight and Vidya Balan’s Begum Jaan well in advance. Directed by Kabir Khan, Tubelight also features Chinese actress Zhu Zhu.
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buahhahaha............'the release of any Indian film on a Muslim holiday in Pakistan is forbidden.' , is such a cute line .....inhon ny to cinemas mein Eid par tableegh krni hai na, saalo item number wali film he release krni hai tm ny mein Muslim holiday kahan sy agya.....bra Musalmanon wala kaam krna hai na

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Actually real reason is that makers of Yalgaar movie want to release it on eid and yalgaar is the costliest movie of pak to date you can say 40-50cr riding on this movie that's they want solo slot to recover their investment

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If your content is not good enough u cant force people to spend their money on a sub-standard product.

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