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I consider Rangeela for Aamir

According to Box office India:

Aamir became an overnight star with his debut movie qayamat se qayamat tak which was a big hit (bb)
After that he gave another big hit dil (bb, hgoty)
then followed moderate success in form of dil hai ke manta nahi (hit) jo jeeta wahi sikandar (semi hit) hum hain raahi pyaar ke (hit)

With Rangeela he established himself as a top star The movie not only went on to be a bb but the character of Munna also went on to be very popular As mentioned by Box Office India.
The very next year he hit Top league as per BOI with Mega atbb Raja hindustani (hgoty, 3rd hgotd bhotd mwfotd and hgotc) and since then there has been no looking back

3 hits and 1 success in remaining 3 years of pre 2000 era and post that 11 success out of 14 movies in post 2000 era including 5 hgoty 1 hgotd 4 atbb and 5 atg
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Salman Khan -

Star - Maine Pyar Kiya
Superstar - Karan Arjun
Megastar - Dabangg Till Now

Shahrukh Khan -

Star - Baazigar
Superstar - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
Megastar - Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham To Om Shanti Om

Aamir Khan -

Star - Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
Superstar - Rangeela
Megastar - Mangal Pandey Till Now

Akshay Kumar -

Star - Mohra
Superstar - Garam Masala
Megastar - Still Waiting

Hrithik Roshan -

Star - Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai
Superstar - Kaho Na Pyar Hai
Megastar - Still Waiting

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Ajay Devgan

Star 1991
Superstar 2010
Megastar Still Waiting

Btw For Aamir Instead Of Mangal Pandey In 2005 Its Rang De Basanti Plus Fanaa In 2006


Even rnbj is blockbuster...and next 5/6 films are hit...why not till happy new year?

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Aamir Khan became Superstar with Raja Hindustani and Salman Khan became Superstar after Karan Arjun Mega Success

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For Salman Khan
Rankings based on Impact
1-Wanted( Biggest Impact on his Career, Made him the MASS MEGASTAR, Biggest Turning Point of his Career)

2- Judwaa (Made him Huge among Masses/The Reflection was seen in following 2 years Biwi1, Hddcs, Hssh, Dhlj all became Huge hits banking on Salman)

3- Tere naam (Made him a youth icon, he didn't try to cater them since then until Wanted but following was always there)

4- Maine Pyaar Kiya (Made him a Star overnight, Hearthrob of girls)

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Movie ka genre dekho bhai you won't call 18cr opening huge for a movie like zero but it was excellent for a fan.
You can't expect HR vs tiger opening from a s30 and vice versa. 20cr opening would have been excellent for s30 and disastrous for Hr vs Tiger
Don't value all movies on same parameters
Common sense is not so common


but London dreams should have been opened better than new york....aur Bhai ke movie ko sirf genre chahiye rehta hai....Salman, Ajay Asin fresh from gajini success was enough to open huge and movie was backing then hot producer vipul shah still it has hardly crossed Dehli 6 which released 7 month before LD on less screen...if HrVStiger open less than 47 cr as a solo on will be below mark for me...and I m not celebrating zero opening day, it was flop opening for should have been min 30 cr to call excellent opener...but bhai fans celebrating bharat 42 cr opening calling as a bumper...when it should have been 47cr.....they calling London dreams, veer excellent opening then they should call new york as a bumper opener..


aur Bhai ke movie ko sirf genre chahiye rehta hai
Sabko genre chahiye hota hai, this is a common sense you have lost it


@Roman no need to explain anything to anyone ..
The fact is Salman >>>>> Srk ... p

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Salman Khan was an overnight star with MPK .
HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN and Karan Arjun made him a superstar.
A low phase from 06 till Wanted (praised by critics and masses ). He has 3 turning points (MPK /HAHK /wanted ).

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Two turning points for hrithik- kaho naa pyaar hai and koi mil gya. He needs a 3rd turning point desperately..

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Ajay Devgn:

I think Zakhm was a huge turning point of his career and I'm not talking about Box Office although the film didn't do well. The fact that Ajay played a character which he nailed superbly on screen that got him his first National Award. He reinvented himself in 1998 with Zakhm, Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha and 1999 where he did Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Suniel Shetty:

Border was an ATBB & HGOTY but Anna's performance was praised by critics and audiences. He was a star that time till the 00s but couldn't reach any further to the point where he was at his peak when Dhadkan released.

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SRK had been in the industry for little over a year when Baazigar and Darr released, so I wont call them a turning point.

But a lead hero cannot play anti-heroes his entire life, so DDLJ is SRK's turning point. He said no to the movie many times as he wanted to be an action hero, and that same year he even had action movies KA, Trimurti and Ram Jaane. But the public made their choice and wanted to see SRK as a romantic hero. Basically Baazigar and Darr had this fantasy lover boy who was crazy for the lead heroine, and that was the part that the audience (especially females) liked and gave their sympathy to, but those movies also had him as a murderous psychopath, which meant that he couldn't be a huge star on the back of those roles. DDLJ gave the audience the fantasy aspect while removing the anti-hero part, and there was no looking back.

After DDLJ SRK became known as the king of romance and his biggest hits are form that genre, or from movies where he is playing a romantic hero regardless of the genre (like in K3G where the movie is a Family Drama but in the first half the focus is on SRK-Kajol romance).

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