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It will. But Alia Bhatt is India's most popular actress, right next to Deepika. So Dear Zindagi benefited from her stardom.
But since the Ace Aamir is many times bigger in stardom than Srk+Alia combined, Secret Superstar will surely beat DZ easily.

by Assistant Director (52.4k points)
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SS will have a wider appeal on the lines of TZP. child parent thing while DZ first 80% of the movie alia was just shown as a dumb *****. unfortunately the star with the guest appearance is not as big as SRK. so even with diwali forget about opening. rest is wom.

by Assistant Director (43.1k points)

You are right about Alia's character in Dear Zindagi.
I man if dear zindagi had a guy actor instead of female, and if that male lead goes and sleeps with different people like Alia in Dear zindagi , people would have looked at him completely differenly. And also she falls in love with 4 different people one after the other lol. Can't imagine a guy doing that. He will be termed as something else.

And about guest appearance is not as big as Srk,? what do u mean after 380cr film all alone on Aamir's shoulder. Even the opening of Dangal was fantastic

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Zada screens pe
Best wom ke sath bhi cross nhi krega

Overseas mei 2 times se zada screens lene ke baad bhi nhi krega

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China mein December mein release ho rahi hai.Abhi chup chaap baitho tum log.

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