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Is the Collection of PK in china one of the all time best in chinese film industry amongst local films?

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As people are saying that he is bigger than Chinese superstars.PK collected around 20 million in china.
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No . It is not an ATG in China but the performance was amazing and unexpected . Hollywood films in China doing 100-200 million$ isn't a big deal but it has happened for the first time that an indian film has collected a a note worthy figure in that market . Same way a Hollywood film doing 60-70CRS in India isnt a big thing but imagine if an Iranian film does 20-25 cr in India it is considered a very big thing .

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Woh main jaanta hoon,Its ATB for bollywood film lekin Chinese films ke comparison mein business kya bahut bada tha as he is bigger than chinese stars as claimed


Do chaar ladkoon ki baaton mein Kya haqeeqat dhoondte ho Baazigar sahab , Woh toh jazbaat mein boldiye yeh sab


Theek hai.................................

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Yes aamr is bigger star than jackie chan in china . Somedays from now he will become chinese president. After retirement people will immortalize him like a god.

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collection ki baat karo agar idea hai...................He is No.1 in china in 2014 by distance and he is lucky that china is huge in business.


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