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The Tubelight storm is coming, Salman Khan's movie teaser to be out in April, trailer in May

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Tubelight – easily one of the most anticipated films of 2017. Considering it marks the third collaboration of the hit combination of Kabir Khan and Salman Khan, it’s no wonder the mvoie has garnered a huge buzz. The film is all set for an EID release, that’s why fans have been wondering when the trailer would be out. And now, here are all the details – As per reports on DNA, “We are going to release the teaser which will be out at the end of April and that will be followed by the trailer in May. People ask me why I ma releasing the trailer so late. I am one of those people who doesn’t believe in those extended periods of marketing but only closer to the release.” Also Read: It’s a wrap for Salman Khan’s Tubelight, Kabir Khan announces on Instagram
As per the same reports, the director doesn’t believe in going berserk with marketing, According to him, as long as he was able to get the message out and tell people he was coming out on a certain date , that was enough. Interestingly, the lead actress – Zhu Zhu who is part of this film will also be part of the promotional activities. So, how excited are you about the teaser and the trailer? We can’t keep calm after hearing this news! Forget the Baahubali storm, the Tubelight storm is soon arriving. Also Read: This South superstar dares to clash with Salman Khan’s Tubelight this Eid
The film is reportedly a love story set against the Indo-China war. The movie also stars Sohail Khan in a pivotal role. As per reports in Mid-day Kabir Khan believes this is Salman Khan’s most endearing character till date, also states it’s his best performance. ” I was amazed at how much his craft has improved.” the director stated. He is also excited about another actor in this film and that’s zhuzhu. “She brings depth in the film and her performance gives a special touch to her character.” She is heart of the film. People will love her.” The movie is set to release on June 23. Turns out, Mahesh Babu’s high-octane actioner – SPYder is set to release on June 23
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So teaser is coming with Bhahubhali it great indeed now let's fun to begin

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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Teaser in the last week of April and trailer in the middle of May..... It's a fantastic strategy....!

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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Good strategy to keep it low key. This has been a dull period for 28th april onwards movie mania shall start.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Best news of the dAY YaY ! ...
Eagerly waiting for the teaser ...

by Producer (118k points)
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two weeks for teaser..........the beggining of first 400cr movie chapter.........

      .................. 430cr ...............

week 1 = 233cr

2nd weekend = 83cr

week 2= 134cr

by Super-star (198k points)

400cr lol hahhaha.......

Aamir did 380cr without top actresses, no extra holidays, no promotion at shows like Kapil, No duet songs, At the time of demonetization....


hahaha abe pagle wo to abhishek bachan nay bhe 250cr cross kiya hua hai .... mein idher main lead actor ki movie ki baat kr raha hoon.


Abhi idiot munni and nawaz bhi 300cr cross kiya hai lol. Aamir' so called side role is doing 380cr just imagine agar wo main role karega to tera kya hoga


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