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Raat Honay Ko Hai

and then the dramas with magical angle:-

Chacha Chaudhary i know everybody remembers it

Hukum Meray Aaka

Thief of Baghdad

Mr. Gayab (title song was like 'aik he kahani Mr.Gayab ki, aik choti c kahani Mr.Gayab ki) :D

Naagin (i was called as Naagin in my class 3rd ^ 4th cz the next day after Naagin episode was telecasted, i used to talk abt this drama so passionately in class that classfellows named me Naagin :D and i still have old cards with my friends addressing me as Naagin )

jst feeling nostalgic so made this post
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Well i used to get scared easily ....
I was never a fan of Horror serials ...
As the Scary Scenes & ghost faces used to haunt me for so many days .....
especially the Aahat !
Now in repeat watch in Sony Pal i realised how funny they are ...... Lol
My favourits Serials List ...
The Jungle Book on Sahara
Simba the Lion king on Sahara
Chacha Chaudhary .... Sahara
Kutumb (Only Season-1) on Sony Tv
Shaka Laka Boom Boom .. Star plus
Kya Haadsa kya Haqeekat .. Sony tv
Kahin to Hoga ... Star plus
Left right Left .... Sub tv
Kyun ki Saas bhi Kabhi bahu thi .. Lol
Missed many can't remeber

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yeah...Aahat....dekhta rha hn Aahat...lekin is time bilkul bhi koi character zehan mein nhn aa rha

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The old serials I used to love in childhood were, as long as I can remember,
Shaka Laka Boom Boom
Sarabhai vs Sarabhai
I forgot the name but in this serial Farida Jalal played the role of a fairy
Ssshhh Phir Koi Hai
Prithviraj Chauhan
And of course the two long and short detectives, remind me the name please.

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i don't know.....many of these dramas i missed...including Shakhtimaan....asal mein dish hoti thi ghar cable kaafi channels missing thy


@Criminal that Farida jalal fairy serial name is
Shararat ... thoda jaadu, thodi nazakat ..


Yeah! @Irdwhelp. Thanks.

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Yes remember Chacha chaudhary....
used to watch...sonpari,hatim,ssshhhh koi hai...
One of my fav Shaka Laka Boom Boom...One of my childhood fantasies that i having pencil

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biggest fantasy was having a locket of Mr.Gayab.....dua mein maangta rha kayi saal **...seriously


Lol that was replica of Mr India movie ..


can't say that bhai.....i guess gayab honay wala concept decades sy chla aa rha hai....with The Invisible Man 1933 being the first film n it had super class vfx...a must watch


n maine Mr.India bhi dekhi hoe hogi lazman Mr.Gayab sy pehlay....bohat dekhi h bachpan mein.......but Mr.Gayab thora zyada real case lgta tha....Mr.India to film thi, to shayad filmi feel k wjah sy woh feel nhn thi jo feel Mr.Gayab ki thi :D

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1st TV drama I watched in my childhood was Alif laila when I was around 4-5 years old then I used to watch waqt ki raftaar then aurat the paragti then came Shakti maan, then after that chandar kanta and captain viyom etc then I became a big fan of jasoos vijay I was in 6th class when jasoos vijay aired 1st time around 2001 I think jasoos vijay was is and will remain one of my favourites Indian serial along with Alif laila and dil mil gye

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I remember aahat, woh.....I think it starred a clown......the zee horror show.....with that jarring background music and pathetic make.up.....was actually more of comedy than horror.

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bhai WOH!! clown character was amazing n scary....the way he conducts himself n humming some song....n i remember he then has a kid also...or makes another kid like him, a clown

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I just want to keep it short:
That I am one of the lucky ones..who witnessed the FIRST HORROR SHOW debuted on history of Indian Television.....and Its not just the First Show....Its the First Episode...:)

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bhai naam bhi bta do.....

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