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Gave award to encourage akshay

Dangal was not abt social issue

Aamir was fit for dangal role, it was tailor made role, that's not acting

Akshay worked for 26 years, he was deserving

Akshay was given award for both airlift and rustom

Ramesh Sippy gave award to amitabh, Prakash Jha gave to ajay (so I gave to akshay)

Aamir does not attend awards (so gave it to akshay)
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Hahahaha hahahaha what more to say bhai? Enough said

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Akshay Kumar got National award because Priyadarshan thought Aamir Khan won't accept.
Wah.. Kya reason diya hai..., Ab to Akshay fans ko bhi lag raha hoga. Ki, Pagal Priyadarshan ne Akshay ki baizaati kar di...

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Okay forget Aamir, there were so many better in regional movies category.

Even Salman, Shahrukh deserved it more than Akshay for Sultan and Fan

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Bro Nana And Major Bajpai were among top contenders and even Shahid Akshay acting wasnt bad but in reality it was not award worthy

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