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What would have been ratings of 3 Idiots,Bodyguard,Dabangg,Singham,Chennai Express,RA.One as per new system? Are their TV Impressions bigger than PRDP?

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i think on TV biggest disaster of all time in terms of money lost is PK.
channel bought that movie's right for 80cr. and even the most infamous movie of this decade ( and one of all time ) had a bigger TRP than PK.

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Definitely. And The Fact That PK's Ratings Were Similar To Bajrangi Bhaijaan Makes It A Lot Easier For DANGAL, As PK Was Aired On Sony Max & Not Set Max. By The Way, 3 Idiots Still Holds The Record Of Highest TRP On WTP. On Similar Scale Its, TRP Stands At 23.5 Compared To 15.5 Of Whatever-Eid-Release-Of-Salman.

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Can u convert them into impressions.......?


Old TRP & Impressions Are Two Different Rating System. The Newer System Collects More Amount Of Data From Rural Areas. Still Just For The Comparison Purpose, If Bajrangi Bhaijaan Receives 75,00,000 Impressions On 6.80 TRPs Then 3 Idiots In Newer Rating System Atleast Gets Gigantic 119,00,000 Impressions Which Will Go More While Rural Centers Are Compiled.
By The Way, PK's Impressions In Week 47(First Week Of December 2016. It Could Be Its 50th or Maybe 60th Premier) Were Similar To Bajrangi Bhaijaan's First Ever Premier Impressions. LOL.

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......only if there was something like a christmas release on TV as well........ but unfortunately there is no such thing................only real megastar ... owns TV zone .......for everyone else.......its just a huuuuuuuugggggggeeeeeeee loss of money they pay for tv rights. not just including ......... but specially aamir khan.

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