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If you talking in between the Khans then it was Shahrukh Khan followed by Salman Khan followed by Aamir Khan but none of the Khans dominated overall. In the early nineties it was Amitabh Bachchan, in the mid nineties it was Sunny Deol and in the late nineties it was Shahrukh Khan. Overall the decade belonged to Sunny Deol.

So it is clear that Khans are dominating Bollywood for three decades is superficial & myth since Salman was out in 2000-2009 and Aamir striking at the end.Only SRK dominated for 2 Decades.And Khan trio started dominating in this decade with SRK comfortably at No.3 but equal to other two khans in opening.

And This Post is a Hit...............

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Yeh sab Media ka propoganda hai...........................In idiots ko bolo ke Sunny No.1 tha 90's mein to mental hospital bhej denge..........................

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According to your 1st paragraph Sunny Deol dominated 90's and srk was no.1 star in last decade. And we all know who is ruling like a boss this decade. Therefore HTF srk dominated for two decades (as u mentioned in 2nd paragraph) ???

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Why 2008??. Salman was number one from 2011.


Why not 2008??? How many blockbusters srk delivered in 2009 and 2011???


In 2008.he didn't had release in 09. U know that. And how many salman had? ?as your way Aamir wasn't number one in 2013,or after pk he wasn't number one that time. Now stay blessed whatever the name you are. Salman is number one since 2011..enjoy your time.


If srk didn't have any release in 2009 and had underperformer in 2010 how do you consider him the no.1 star of of those two years??? 2009 is belongs to Aamir and 2010 belongs to Salman.... That’s it!

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It's like 20 years from now, fans of RK and Ranveer say that they dominated late 2010s and early 2020s (likely) overperforming Khans, which will be a statement proved by numbers, but we know that Khans are still far ahead.

Similarily in 90s, Khans dominated box office, but in terms of Stardom they were not as big as Bachchan and Sunny.

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Srk is not dominating 2010 decade get out of fools paradise he is nowhere close to other two khans in this decade so even for him 1 decade

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Are ye to mere friend TOM SOR ka Post hai :D
Right sor Who Said KHANS rule the 90s ??
So me any magazine of mid 90s or early 90s where they written Khans rulling.
Rhga tab to koi dega ye sab wo jhaatu site CHINDICINE ke wjah se hua hai jo KHANS ko Biggest Star of 90s bolta tha wo to thik tha even Ajay & Akshay ko bhi 90s me bigger bolta tha wo hahaha
BOI ka he Data se Khans Ko bigger bata rhe prr wahi BOI kbhi nahi bola Khans ruled 90s
Waise wo SRKIANS ka kya jo SRK ko bolte hai 2 DECADES rule kiya

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opinion is that khans has dominated 90s....salman 90-91 and srk 92-99....aamir dil rangeela raja hindustani, ghulam hhrpk......saajan, Hahk, bazigar, darr, deewaa, dilse, ddlj, Ka, dtph, kkhh, pardes, rangeela, raja hindustani, dil, HHPK, pardes, HSSh, isq, judwa, AAA, were hugely popular among general public...who care what Boi says..

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Boi decides stardom based on initials and acc. To that all three khans wont be even in the top 3 in the 1990s. The top 3 will be sunny deol Sanjay dutt and amitabh bachchan!! Sunny deol excellent openers in the 1990s are around 18 while sanjay dutt has around 17 excellent openers! Amitabh bachchan will have around 11 excellent openers! From 1990 to 1991 amitabh was no.1 while from 1992 to 1993 sanjay was no.1 in 1994 sunny was no.1 while from 1995 srk was no.1. But sunny deol will be no.1 because almost all his films used to take bumper/ excellent initials even if it was a flop!! Sanjay and amitabh also used to give huge initials. Based on initials aamir wont even be in the top 10 of 1990s!!

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Headline says it see the story of last four decades
Khans didn’t dominate in 1990’s
Only hr came close to khans in in 2000-2009
Khans were on the same level in previous decade
Khans will not dominate the current decade (2020-2029)
Those are the highlights of all decades.So you can easily see their failure make more noise than the success of others and that matters the most ..

by Production Designer (14.7k points)

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