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Who is Bollywood 's most Chulbul (colourful ) superstar among 80-90s debutants?

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All of them have survived more than 25 years which is no mean feat and requires talent, hardwork, dedication, luck etc.
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Essence of the person and persona is what I mean by Chulbul

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Dont know what you mean by colorful. If talking about pure entertainment masala style then salman khan. Srk has ruled romance. Aamir is a legend with thought provoking stuff and hr is the hero when it comes to action/dance/sci fi

Akki is damn versatile and can perform any role given to him. All in all it takes a lot to keep working for two decades and kudos to all these guys.

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Akki the Great......................................................

by All Time best! (326k points)
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Salman,amir and akki in this order they were handom to the core in 90s

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Colourful in the order
1)salman khan.(most handsome man of bollywood) bollywood ka sabse haseen aadmi
2) akki /aamir - both were handsome during early career. Akki has the lead to be honest though i like aamir more
3) hritik roshan may be
4) srk (due to rona dhona like a serial heroine in most of his melodramatic yrf movies)
5)ajay (most of his films are serious films)

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